Fashion News Alert: Miss America Minus Swimsuits, Kim Kardashian’s CFDA Win, Ashlee Simpson and Hubby Collaborate with Voltaire and Zadig, and Amazon Echo Look Launches

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One of the big news stories of the week—aside from Kate Spade’s untimely death—is the announcement that the Miss America pageant is eliminating their swimwear competition. The Miss America Organization has decided to take the focus away from the contestants’ beauty and focus the competition—it is no longer called a pageant—on talent and intelligence, thus eliminating the swimwear competition part of the competition.The Miss America Organization is attempting to stay relevant by replacing the swimsuit competition with televised live interviews of the top contestants. Because declining viewership, The Miss America Organization realized that some stark changes were needed. The Miss America Organization’s Chairman of the Board Gretchen Carlson, also a Fox News correspondent and Miss America 1989, concedes, “ You’ll never get 100 percent on you side.” “But it about time for the organization to come up to the relevancy of 2018.”

Mallory Hagan, the 2013 Miss America, agrees, “I don’t think you need to put on a swimsuit to tell that someone is physically fit or beautiful, explained Mallory Hagan. “We are in a new era. This is a way to modernize and open the door for a new wave of contestants.”

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Kim gets nod from the CFDA

The CFDA awarded Kim Kardashian its first-ever Influencer Award. And while many fashion industry professionals may scoff at this win—and many did at the 2018 CFDA ceremony—Kardashion has made a widely recognized name for herself. Kim has a social media following that numbers in the hundred millions; a beauty empire, KKW Beauty, and Donatella Versace created a gold chain mail gown designed for Kim for the 2018 Met Gala.

“I am kind of shocked that I am winning a fashion award when I am naked most of the time,” said Kim Kardashian when she accepted the award. “But, this is seriously such an honor, so thank you to the CFDA for this award.”

“It was maybe seven years ago when I had a publicist and she asked [me], what were my goals, what were my dreams, and I said I just wanted to be on the cover of a fashion magazine and she said to me, ‘Let’s get some realistic goals, because that will never happen,’” detailed Kim K in a article.

Now, that is revenge!! You work, Kim K.

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Ashlee and Evan and Voltaire & Zadig

Huh, another celebrity fashion collaboration? Yea, another one, will it ever stop? Well, Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross’ collaboration with Voltaire & Zadig promises to very different from some of the current celebrity fashion collaborations on the market. This collaboration focuses on gender-neutral clothes.

 Jagger Snow,the ten-collection collaboration—       named after the couple two-year old daughter—features t-shirts, cashmere sweatshirts, embellished shirts and denim. Evan Ross believes this unisex, gender neutral capsule collection will give male consumers more options.

Voltaire & Zadig states the collaborative collection represents, “love, equality and freedom,” adding that the collection is designed “[t]o inspire a message of equality, an independent attitude. Fashion as a living expression of the free spirit they embody in the open air.”

The capsule collection is now available on Zadig & Voltaire’s site. Price points range from $100 for a shirt to over $600 for a smoking jacket.

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Instant fashion

Amazon’s fashion community continues to grow. And on the heels of that fact, Amazon has launched Amazon Echo Look. Amazon Echo Look is an Alexa-powered device that can take photos and videos without the use of a smartphone camera or mirror.

Linda Ranz, director of Echo product management at Amazon said in a statement that Echo Look “can give advice on which of two outfits looks best, offer personalized recommendations on items that pair well with clothes you already own, create your personal lookbook, [and] keep your closet organized.”

Echo Look debuted at New York Fashion Week: The Shows this past February in partnership with Prabal Gurung. The product is now available for consumers at a price point of $200.

Echo Look uses Alexa and Style Check, which is a combination of machine-learned algorithms and fashion content from Amazon, Vogue and GQ. Echo Look will be able to critique fit, color, and styling with reference to current trends, and give an explanation of why one of the two options is better.

—William S. Gooch

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