Fashion Tea with Kristopher: May 2018


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In the worlds of fashion and entertainment, there is plenty of gossip, wagging tongues, and venomous versions of what goes on in the industry’s inner circles. Fashion Reverie has decided that our viewers should be invited to fashion’s inner sanctum to get a hot cup of what’s happening. Fashion Reverie takes you from the sidelines and on the streets to the front row. And, now Fashion Reverie will be taking you behind the scenes of what’s hot, what’s not, who’s in, who’s out, and who would be great material for an episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful” or “Queen Sugar.” (How about some sugar in your tea?)

Item 1

Have you heard? A former top editor at an iconic fashion magazine has very empty pockets. Since leaving his job a few years where he got to live like a king—extensive expense account, limousine service, first-class accomodations—he’s been budgeting like he a character on “Roseanne” or “Two Broke Girls.”

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!! Like Heidi Klum says on “Project Runway,” “one day you’re in, the next day you’re out.” In his case, out of ducketts!! Ka-ching!

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Item 2Some of fashion brands are trying to get away with being cheapskates with their social media influencers. A top fashion blogger often spotted in the front row at notable runway shows was offered to promote a product in product exchange for exposure instead of green backs. Oh, the shade of it all!!

Needless to say she was furious, and that deal was a no-go. She certainly hasn’t hesitated to wag her tongue about it, either.

Item 3

Marchesa could be making a red-carpet comeback. After Scarlett Johansson wore one of their dresses on the red carpet to the 2018 Met Gala, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour came out in support of co-designer Georgina Chapman who has been facing backlash due to her husband Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault crimes. Wintour has not so quietly been working behind the scenes to help the brand return to its glory days when Marchesa was known for dressing A-list actresses—thanks hubby. Yes, you can call it a comeback of sorts thanks to Anna. Ugh!!

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Item 4Reliable sources say a top Manhattan department store is currently looking to pull a Lord & Taylor style move, ridding themselves of some of the floors at their iconic Manhattan flagship. Negotiations are currently under way, and though they don’t intend to shut this gem of a store down, customers could have a lot less escalators to climb come 2019. Can someone say, “brick and mortar devastation!”

—Kristopher Fraser



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