Fashion Reverie’s Spring/Summer 2018 Fragrance Roundup

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“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future”—Coco ChanelThe warm temperatures are finally here, especially if you live in the Northeast, and its time to think about transitioning from the warm, earthy fragrances that we love so much in cooler weather to cool, minty, floral and fruity fragrances of spring and summer. Fashion Reverie has assembled a roundup of great fragrances for spring/summer 2018 that will not break the bank and will also have you feeling and smelling as fresh as spring flowers.

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Jo MaloneJo Malone launched in 1991, a breath of fresh air in the world of fragrance (pun intended). At the time Elizabeth Taylor’s wildly successful perfume line inspired dozens of poor quality celebrity scents. The market was flooded with cheap overworked sweet perfumes that had the fashion world gagging

Enter Jo Malone, a profoundly British company with its roots steeped in 18th century perfume making. Malone’s “Cologne Intense” aromas focused on simple high-quality ingredients light enough to not overwhelm, but still be long lasting.

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For spring 2018, the fragrance brand is introducing Blossom Girls, a trio of limited edition florals that are fresh, fun, and full of joy.

Nashi Blossom Limited Edition Cologne

This not too sweet floral has fruity crisp top notes of nashi fruit, pear, and apple softened with base notes of rose and white musk.

Sakura Cherry Blossom Limited Edition Cologne

A light playful scent slightly sweet with subtle layers of cherry blossom, rose and violet blended with a sparkling base note of bergamot makes for a sweet and cool summer fragrace.

Plum Blossom Limited Edition Cologne

This fragrance is a bright mixture of plum blossoms and yellow plum fruit on a canvas of clean white musk.

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Hard Candy Fragrances launched in 2007, specializing in fruity florals. Now, they are coming out with two new scents for spring/summer 2018.

Hard Candy Pink is a fun, fruity scent perfect for daytime. With top notes of passionfruit and tangerine, mixed with peony and jasmine and grounded with vanilla sugar and musk it’s ideal for a trip to the beach or going out to lunch.

Hard Candy Black is an exciting sexy scent you’ll want to wear for a night of dancing and romance. With top notes of mango and kiwi middle notes of quince blossom and vanilla blended with bottom notes of iris and warm amber, you’ll be irresistible.

Both scents are available as eau de parfum and body mists from Walmart.

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Proenza Shouler’s ArizonaProenza Schouler designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez were so inspired by a vacation to Arizona they decided to create their first fragrance. Arizona hinges on an innovative, night-blooming cactus flower accord, which has been blended with rich notes of orris root. Even the bottle was designed to resemble a piece of quartz Hernandez found in the desert.

Proenza Schouler – Arizona available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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Krigler Villa BordigheraHistoric perfume house Krigler pulls another classic from their vault for a limited-edition relaunch. Originally created by Albert Krigler in 1920, the unisex, citrus fragrance was commissioned by Italian playwright, who wanted one of his favorite vacation spots—Bordighera in Italy—captured in a bottle, and it spotlights the resort town’s lemon trees.

Krigler Villa Bordighera 20 is available at

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Bond No 9 Spring FlingWhile New York City doesn’t exactly evoke images of blossoms, truthfully there are plenty of outdoor spaces blooming with flowers. Places like Central Park, Bryant Park, and The Highline inspired this sparkling blend of lily of the valley, passionflower, honeysuckle, jasmine, freesia, amber, and musk.

Bond No 9 Spring Fling is available at

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Stella McCartney’s STELLA PEONYThis fragrance transports you immediately to a blossoming English garden with its romantic blend taken up a spicy notch with the peony scent melded with black pepper, cedar, patchouli, and amber.

Stella McCartney’s STELLA PEONY is available at

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Miu Miu L’eau RoseePrada’s rebel Miu Miu brand is once again breaking the mold by introducing a new crisp floral fragrance, L’eau Rosee. The perfume may have the rose in the name, yet the fragrance does not! The moniker was chosen because of the pink hue of the scent. The aroma is lily of the valley and cassis buds tightly wrapped in notes of sophisticated musk, with additional notes of gardenia, bergamot, tuberose, jasmine, white pepper, honeysuckle, ginger and cedar.

Miu Miu L’eau Rosee is available at

Wearing fragrance during the warmer seasons does come with its own set of complications. Here are few tips to keep in mind.

Change your scent at least every six months. Some women find a signature perfume and wear it exclusively. The problem with this is over time your nose acclimates to the aroma and stops smelling the fragrance. As a result, many women overapply their scents.

Avoid perfume and perfume oils. During summer months the heat can amplify fragrance. Perfumes and perfume oils can be too heavy during warm seasons. Use colognes and eau de parfums to avoid choking companions and co-workers.

Take stock of all your scents. With the heat increasing fragrance you want to make sure you’re not overdoing it in other ways. Deodorants (which some apply more heavily in warm weather), shampoos, lotions, hair products and perfume all co-mingling can add up to a stinky stew. One way to circumvent this is switching to some unscented products, like your lotions, shampoos, hair products and deodorants, for the spring and summer.

Be aware of others: It’s allergy season. In certain parts of the United States some people are facing horrible pollen counts. In small, enclosed spaces even if you go easy on the fragrance, you could be making friends or companions miserable. You may want to consider skipping it altogether.

That said; fragrance courtesy tips in mind and Fashion Reverie’s roundup on spring/summer fragrances should have you prepped to luxuriate in fragrance for the warmer months.

—Cameron Grey Rose


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