Fashion Reverie’s Alternatives to Meghan Markle’s $300,000 Bridal Gown

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OK, the royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is now history. However, the narrative continues, especially narrative commentary about the lovely Givenchy gown that Meghan Markle wore. With a price tag of over $300,000 and countless hours of craftsman ship, Meghan’s gown is way out of the preview or budget of most potential brides. But, shouldn’t it be? After all, Meghan married into the wealthiest royal family—the Windsors—in history.On the heels of the inaccessibility of Meghan’s bridal gown, Fashion Reverie, with the help of so key bridal insiders, has assembled some wonderful alternatives for that savvy consumer that wants similar bridal fare without the steep cost. Granted these bridal alternatives are not for tight purses, but the cost does come down from a third of a million dollars. Whew!!

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INES DI SANTO is always a favorite of Fashion Reverie. And our two bridal select alternatives to Meghan Markle’s bridal gowns come from her spring 2018 collection. True to form, Fashion Reverie was front and center at Ines di Santo’s spring 2018 bridal show.Simplicity was a key element in di Santo’s spring 2018 bridal collection with the artist and fashion editor in mind. “This season became a dance with the artist and the editor in my mind. Not a stitch more than what was needed, yet full license to push a design that was simply more,” explained di Santo.

Using techniques that are often found only in Couture design, Ines plays to the feminine side of a woman’s beauty in both her bridal and evening collections. Raised in Buenos Aires with parents that inspired and supported her interest in the arts, Ines studied both fine art and design in Argentina and Milan. The signature, rich touch seen in each collection reflects the designer’s Italian and Spanish heritage. INES DI SANTO gowns are available at top retails including Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman and additional authorized retailers worldwide.

                                              Images courtesy of Atelier PR

Interestingly, JUSTIN ALEXANDER’s spring 2019 bridal collection contained gowns that fit nicely into Markle’s ‘less is more’ design aesthetic. (Again, Fashion Reverie was all in the mix at JUSTIN ALEXANDER’s spring 2018 show. And in the front row, I might add!) Focusing his spring 2019 bridal collection on minimalism juxtaposed against diversity and modernity in style, JUSTIN ALEXANDER ‘s spring 2019 bridal collection demonstrated range in silhouette funneled through the lens of simplicity and elegance. Since its humble roots, JUSTIN ALEXANDER has become a contemporary designer and manufacturer of mid- to high-end bridal gowns and accessories. Each design is distinctly recognized for its vintage inspiration paired with progressive details. JUSTIN ALEXANDER gowns are available in more than 1,500 authorized retailers worldwide.





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