Adam Zohar Bridal Spring 2019

What is so wonderful about New York International Week is that there is a growing a cadre of bridal designers that are finding innovative to present their bridal collections. In a very saturated market, it is almost necessary that a bridal brand that is not well known do something different to set themselves apart from more established bridal brands.

Adam Zohar did just that for his spring 2019 bridal collection. Zohar named his spring 2019 bridal collection, “I Woke Up Like This.” Accordingly, the bridal collection was aptly named in that models, attired beautifully in Zohar’s floral diaphanous bridal gowns, strutted down the industrial-like, garage runway in white combat boots and Doc Martens with some models donned in nose septums. This edgy approach to a bridal runway show didn’t diminish the beautiful and elegance of the gowns, though the models did look like they were quickly awakened from a deep sleep and rushed to model in a fashion show.Some might contend that this was a gimmick. However, in Zohar defense, perhaps, the designer was attempting to juxtapose the masculine against the feminine, the perfect against the disordered, the dystopian against cultured sophistication. If the latter was Zohar’s intention, the juxtaposition worked!! In fact, Zohar was aiming for a downtown cool girl aesthetic. “ We decided that even though the models would be wearing these incredible gowns, [I wanted the models to look like] cool girls getting married. Adam was adamant that he wanted the skin to have a slightly wet appearance,” detailed make-up artist T. Cooper.

This contrast also popped up in the model’s makeup. T. Cooper of Metro Look designed the makeup looks for the spring 2019 collection. T. Cooper prepped the models’ faces with Crow Catcher Serum around the eyes, and Spotted Leaving Lightening Serum all over the rest of the face.

“The combination of the serums and the moisturizer gave the models a fresh, healthy glow,” said Cooper. Whoopie Cream! Hydrating Lip Balm was also used to soften the lips. The artists then used light foundation and concealer to even out complexion and cover blemishes. Next, ECRU New York lipsticks were used as both lip color and blush. Cooper explains, “ECRU New York lipsticks come in an array of shades, and are a multi-use product.” Two coats of Runway Lash mascara were added to the top lash line only, and the look was finished by adding FarmHouse Fresh Honey-Magnolia Body Oil to the cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin for sheen.

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Still, this spring 2019 bridal collection was a very strong outing for Adam Zohar. And his bride, though edgy, was still beautiful, elegant, and current. What bride doesn’t love a girly, floral concoction? Viva La Difference.—William S. Gooch

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