Francesca Miranda Bridal Spring 2019

One could say this was the bridal season of the ballerina, well, sort of. Dancers inspired bridal designer Gracy Accad for her spring 2019 bridal collection, with Accad presenting her collection at Alvin Ailey Dance Center. And for the spring 2019 bridal season, dance and movement also inspired Francesca Miranda.

“This is my homage to the grace and movement of ballerinas, particularly one, Gloria Miranda, my mother. In the way I think of her most, dancing on the stages of New York City theaters,” said Francesca Miranda in show notes for her spring 2019 bridal collection.

Though this collection was quite small, ten bridal gowns, compared to Miranda’s collections during her other bridal collections, it was a very thoughtful, honest, effective collection. And Miranda named each bridal garment after famous ballerina and ballet dancers—Marianina represents former ABT principal dancer Marianna Tcherkassky; Agnes for Agnes DeMille; Natalia gives homage to Natalia Markarova; Noella for former Paris Opera Ballet prima ballerina Noella Pontois, and Ninette conjures up Royal Ballet founder Ninette de Valois.

Paying homage to the ballet world, Miranda created bridal gowns with very fitted bodices with wide, flowy, diaphanous skirts. This was made evident in removable soft pleated, ‘tutu’ tulle mini skirts, strapless, gowns with criss-crossed ribbons reminiscent of pointe shoe ribbons, pleated chiffon gown wrapped around in ribbons, and the basket-weaved Italian ball gown adorned with hand-embroidered bodice of silk-thread pieces and Swarovski crystals.

                                                Images courtesy of Atelier PR

Standout bridal gowns in this collection were the brand’s modern A-line silhouette with a deep v-neckline that is enhanced with lace lining and adorned with criss-crossed ribbons, high-low hand-embroidered tulle skirt over crepe skinny pants, and off-white and beige hand-dyed and painted organza ball-gown.—William S. Gooch


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