Editors’ Holiday Fragrance Pick: Nishane

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Many cultural traditions accompany and support fragrances. The Egyptians believed perfumes and fragrances were the sweat of the Gods. Religious traditions in Cyprus believed that certain fragrances brought worshippers closer to the gods. And culturally Chinese originally didn’t use fragrances to scent the body, but as a cleansing and disinfecting tool, believing that certain scents could eliminate disease from rooms.Traditionally in Turkey, cologne was offered to guests as a gesture of hospitality. This Turkish tradition sets the stage for the Turkish cologne, Nishane.

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As a cultural crossroad, Turkey, and Istanbul in particular, represents a melding of European, Asian, and Middle Eastern culture. Nishane, and its exquisite three collections of Extraits de Parfums, is a bold, modern mélange of what all three cultural traditions have to offer. Additionally, Nishane is Turkey’s first niche cologne.It took nearly two years to accomplish the rare essences of the 16-scent Extrait de Parfum Collection. The fragrance notes of each olfactive creation have been chosen carefully to tell unique life stories. Everyone is invited to feel Istanbul’s mixture of cultures with a sniff of a Nishane fragrance.

Fashion Reverie’s favorite colognes in the collection is Nishane’s ‘Spice Bazaar’ that conjures images of a Turkish bazaar in Istanbul. Juniper, cedarwood, pressed ginger, rosemary, ginger, black pepper, vanilla, and saffron transport the wearer to the pageantry of the city life of Istanbul. While ‘Afrika-Olifant’ can stimulate your hidden desires with its animalistic notes of civet settle, myrrh, frankincense, castoreum, leather, and oud. Get ready for the hunt!!

                  Image courtesy and twistedlily.com

Last, but not least, ‘Hundred Silent Ways’ combines mandarin, peach, tuberose, white jasmine, and gardenia to produce a fragrance that is bold, saucy, beautiful, and proud. Let this fragrance say things you are too timid to say!!In the spirit of Turkish hospitality, let Nishane be the gift that keeps on giving, transporting you to exotic locations and stimulating your senses! For more information, go to nishane.com.

—William S. Gooch

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