Fashion Reverie’s 2017 Haute Holiday Gift Guide

Aside from religious importance, the holiday season is a time we dedicate to celebrating the people closest to us. We show how much we cherish one another with thoughtful gifts that we hope will bring joy to the lives of the recipient. Usually, those gifts are personal and not too expensive, but sometimes we want to give something lavish and luxurious. This season, we decided to tip the scales in favor of the glamourous life and find opulent presents that we guarantee won’t be under most Christmas trees.

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Louis Vuitton Christopher Jump Rope ($545)For that fit friend who likes to exercise in designer athletic gear, give them a Louis Vuitton jump rope. Made of a leather strand and handles that are covered with Monogram Eclipse canvas, the new Christopher jump rope gives a high-end feel to a low-impact workout. And it comes with its own signature, carrying pouch, of course!

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Gucci Embroidered Kingsnake Cushion ($1,250)The Chinese calendar says 2017 is the year of the rooster, but in fashion, it is the snake—the Gucci kingsnake, that is. Seen on the brand’s most sought after garments this season, the snake motif has taken a firm hold on the fashion world. But don’t be like everyone else. Show off a bit of individuality by not wearing it on your back, but by displaying it on your sofa. This velvet, embroidered pillow adds the perfect amount of bite to any home décor.

                        Image courtesy of Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna Pelle Tessuta Vicuna Domino Set ($1,295)Sometimes, it’s the simple things that bring us joy. And when simple things are exquisitely made, then even better! This domino set is made of vicuna calf leather, is expertly hand painted, and is stored in a carrying case that is as well crafted as the game pieces. Pelle Tessuta, meaning, “woven leather,” articulates Ermenegildo Zegna’s penchant for craftsmanship and technological innovation that is exemplified in each item the brand creates.

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Versace Tableware ($60–$1,425)We all know that one person who is the ultimate host. Why not help them REALLY wow their guests by giving them Versace tableware. The fashion house makes everything from cutlery and candy dishes to decanters and dessert trays. Don’t fret about what pieces to buy. With such a wide selection, you can buy a few items now, and buy more next Christmas—you’ll already know what to get them.

               Image courtesy of Michael Kors

Michael Kors Smartwatch ($350)These days, technology and fashion go hand in hand, so it’s natural that advancements in tech would crossover to jewelry and watches. This season, Michael Kors released his own smartwatch, compatible with both Androids and iPhones. With three designs to choose from (Bradshaw, Grayson, and Sofie), there’s one for every chic lifestyle, no matter Uptown or Downtown. 

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Saint Laurent x Polaroid Originals Vintage Polaroid SX-70 Camera ($590)With most of us walking around with a 12-mega pixel camera in our smartphones, almost anyone can be a shutterbug. But why not go retro? In collaboration with Polaroid, the house of Saint Laurent created a vintage Polaroid SX-70 camera exclusively for the Parisian boutique, Colette. Coupled with their black and white film (for an additional $35), whoever receives this can be on their way to becoming the new Andy Warhol or Helmut Newton.


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Balenciaga Macro Scarf ($635)Sometimes, we just want to be noticed. No one goes unnoticed in this huge, luxurious scarf. Made of cashmere and wool, and measuring roughly 1’ x 6.5’, this scarf is as warm and comfortable as it is loud and ostentatious (in a good way.) And if the size alone doesn’t draw attention, “BALENCIAGA” is emblazoned on both sides of this reversible neck warmer.

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Missoni Ottoman ($645)The holiday season can mean a lot of hosting at home, and with large crowds, seating is a commodity. Extra chairs and stools aren’t always the answer, as they may be bulky and actually take up more precious room. But an ottoman, something that can be used as an accent piece and can be easily stored, may be the answer. Missoni’s ottomans and cushions make relaxing on the floor luxurious. So, why not gift a posh poof? If you bring it to the holiday party, at least you’ll know you have somewhere to sit.

—Carl Ayers



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