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The twelve days of Christmas are upon us. And instead of singing about turtledoves and French hens, we’ve compiled a list of twelve gifts, consumers actually want. These stocking stuffers are small gifts guaranteed to put you in the holiday spirit!!Bear-y good!Sugarfina, the global purveyor of high quality confectionaries, has taken their gummy bear collection to new heights. In time for the holiday season, Sugarfina has released a limited edition of 24K Gold Champagne bears. While Sugarfina has a standard collection of champagne and rosé-infused gummies, the 24K gold bears are in a league of their own. Made with Dom Pérignon, each brut and rosé bear is hand-gilded in edible 24K gold, making for a snack that looks as good as it tastes.O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches

Deck the halls and stock the bar. Pickering’s Gin has created Christmas Baubles that will adult-ify any home for the holiday. Sold in sets of six, each plastic ornament contains 50ml of Pickering’s gin, enough to brighten your holiday. Simply unscrew the cap of the bauble and drink the shot, or pour the gin into your holiday beverage. Afterward, screw the cap back on, and rehang the ornament on the tree. They are reusable, so you can refill them with your booze of choice. Thank you Pickering’s for helping keep the party going!! 

Delicious, delicate, delectableThe macaron is the quintessential Parisian pastry, and macaron is the place to find this dainty desert. At La Maison, they have created over 150 flavors of macaron, from vanilla to champagne, fig to apple calvados. Made by hand using natural ingredients, and free of chemicals and preservatives, the light snacks dance on your tongue and melt in your mouth. After trying just one, you will attest that La Maison du Macaron lives up to their promise of taste, elegance, flavor, and comfort.Silent Night

Let’s be honest, the holiday season can leave you tuckered out. From schlepping from store to store to get the perfect gifts for your loved one or from hopping from party to party with all of your friends, our bodies get worn down. When the holidays are over, most of us just want good, sound, peaceful sleep. Lectrofan has developed a device to help us get the rest that our body needs. The Lectrofan is a sound machine that redefines the science of sleep. By making advances in adaptive audio and ambient noise analysis, Lectrofan has created a noise-neutralizing device that clears the way to blissful slumber. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Christmas can be one of the most social times of the year. A number of us host holiday parties to celebrate with our friends, and one of the biggest downsides of hosting is the post-party cleanup. Edie Parker has created confetti coasters to help (partially) alleviate mess. Made of acrylic, these coasters add festive décor to your party while preventing rings on your tables.A Little Slice of Heaven on Earth

For some, Christmas is a time for travel and relaxation. There are those of us who actively try to avoid the cold and snow during the holidays and head to a warm climate. If you can’t escape to the tropics, you can bring the tropics to you. Coqui Coqui has a collection of candles that takes your nose on a tour of the Yucatan. Coco Coco is inspired by the palm trees scattered along Tulum’s white sand beaches; the lime and mint Menli fragrance reflects the lush gardens of Coba; and the scent of Rosas Secas reflects the town of Valladolid. Alongside 10 more scents, you can have the olfactory experience of your life via also the company’s linen sprays, massage oils, and hand soaps. With Coqui Coqui, you may not need that roundtrip ticket from Aeroméxico.
I Want To Get Away

Sometimes we need a little motivation to make major plans. If you’ve been thinking about planning a trip to Paris, this petite handbag may give you the extra push that you need. has a clutch with a chenille patch that simply reads “bonjour.” Big enough to store your cell phone, yet small enough to be used as a wallet—Perfectly Parisian—this pochette is apropos for your selfies with the Eiffel Tower, and it even has a special compartment for your passport (hint hint)!Sparkle from your hands to your toes

Holiday sparkle doesn’t have to be limited to your Christmas tree. You can add sparkle and glitter to your nails with Lust Cosmetics nail polish. Founded by Samara Walker, Lust Cosmetics nail lacquer is vegan, gluten free, and cruelty free. The brand’s nail lacquers are “8 Free”colors inspired by seasonal and fashion trends with a feminine touch. And for this festive season, Lust Cosmetics has an exclusive holiday collection that comes in a five-color kit with such sassy names as ‘high fashion diva,’ ‘spicy in the city,’ and ‘pumpkin spice where?’. Though this five-color holiday collection is a little pricy at $125, it is definitely worth it. Remember, all collections are made in the US. So, you can be festive and socially correct at the same time!!If You Love Her, Put It In Writing

Nothing is more meaningful than a personalized gift. Sure, you can have a locket or ring engraved. But you can also turn it up a notch and get a bracelet custom made with your actual handwriting. Etsy craftsman CarolJewelryArt can turn your personal note into a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry. This is a wonderful way to express your love during the holiday and year round.365Cool

Roka has released their Falcon TI aviator shades that will keep stylishly fly every day of the year. But there is more than meets the eye with these sunnies—they are chock full of performance technology. The titanium frame and ULTRA lenses are light as a feather. The pads on the nose and temples areas have proprietary tech that keeps them from slipping. The lenses are anti-scratch, anti-fog, and anti-reflection coatings. Whether you’re running around the mall, running errands or running cross country, these frames are what you need to have with you.Jackery Bolt (portable charger)

We’re all on the go, and we all need a pocket charger to power up our phone batteries. But there are power chargers, and then there is the Jackery Bolt. A few things separate this charger from its competition. First, it has the Android and iPhone cables attached, so you don’t need to carry the cords with you. Secondly, it has a USB port, so you can charge three devices at once. Thirdly, it has a built-in flashlight- a feature that is always good to have. So whether you’re charging your phone and tablet on the fly, or searching for your keys in the dark, Jackery Bolt has you covered. Cocoon Eye Shades

Ensure your rest is unhindered with Cocoon Eye Shades. This sleep mask is made with microfiber for a soft touch against your face and is shaped like sunglasses to reduce pressure against your eyes. The team at Cocoon thought about your total comfort, so they also including a pair of earplugs. So whether you use this mask when traveling, while relaxing poolside, or for drowning out visiting relatives, be prepared to disconnect from the world for a bit.

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