Fashion News Alert: Sarah Jessica Parker’s New Gig, Alessandra Ambrosio Retires, Is Emily Ratajkowski’s a Copycat, and Pornhub’s Pop-up Clothing Store

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Sarah Jessica Parker has a new job. In addition to her success as an actress and producer, Parker has also garnered success as a fashion designer. In 2010, Sarah Jessica Parker become creative director of Halston and in 2014 launched her footwear line, SJP Collection, for Nordstrom. Parker is also the spokesmodel for Jordache Jeans as of 2015. And in 2017, Parker launched her handbag line, The Seven Essentials.That said; Parker will have a new collaboration with GapKids, launching in spring of 2018. This limited-edition collection will be at Gap stores in the US, Canada, Japan, Greater China, Hong Kong, France, Italy, as well as online. Parker has formerly starred in Gap campaigns.


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Bye, bye Alessandra

After 17 years of strutting her stuff on the runway for Victoria’s Secret (VS), supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio has retired her angel wings. Ambrosio took her final Victoria’s Secret catwalk on Sunday at the Victoria’s Secret televised show in Shanghai.

Alessandra Ambrosio has had one of the longest VS careers of any supermodel. Ambrosio has a burgeoning acting career with an upcoming role in “Daddy’s Home 2” and her successful swimwear line, Ale. Ambrosio also has two children Anja aged 9 and Noah, aged 5.

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Is she a copycat?

A career as a fashion model is very short, and most top models, after a certain amount of time, look to transition into professions where how they look is not their source of income.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. And for supermodel Emily Ratajkowski it might not be working.

Emily Ratajkowski’s six-piece swimwear launch ‘Inamorata Swim’ has been accused of copying silhouettes from New York–based designer Lisa Marie Fernandez’s swimwear collection. The two silhouettes in question are Ratajkowski’s ‘Cardiff’ one-piece and ‘Vulcan’ top that closely resemble Fernandez’s ‘Poppy’ one-piece and ‘Leandra’ top. According to, Fernandez’s Leandra bikini retails for $595, and her multi-bow Triple Poppy one-piece retails for $455 to $535. Inamorata’s Vulcan top sells for $80 and its Cardiff one-piece is on the market for $160.

The copyright for Fernandez’s collection was registered in Germany in 2015, and Fernandez has sent Ratajkowski cease and desist letters, asking Ratajkowski to stop selling the designs in question. Fernandez has also filed suit in New York federal court.

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Fashionable porn

There were many surprises on Black Friday, and one of the biggest fashion shocks was the opening of Pornhub’s first-ever, pop-up fashion store in NYC’s SoHo district. NYC’s SoHo district contains such luxury brands as Chanel, Moschino, Versace, Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton, and others.

For those not familiar with Pornhub, Pornhub is a very popular adult entertainment site that receives over 75 million visitors daily. And for the most part, the video content on the site is very explicit adult entertainment.

This is not Pornhub’s first time at the fashion rodeo. In 2015, Pornhub launched Pornhub Apparel. Also, Pornhub has produced fashion collaborations during New York Fashion Week with Hood by Air and Richardson.

“If we were going to make a retail store, we wanted to make sure we were in New York in SoHo, where are the fashion brands are,” Vice President Corey Price told Metro. “We see this as a fashion store, it’s much of a branded store and a fashion store than a sex shop.”

The popup store products include Pornhub items like hoodies, tank tops, and accessories, clothing from Richardson fashion line, a range of items from Museum of Sex, a collection from porn star Christy Mack, and other brands. Consumers must be 18 years and older to enter the popup store. The Pornhub popup store is open until December 20.

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