Fashion Reverie’s Fall/Winter 2017 Men’s Grooming Guide

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Autumn. Otoño. L’automne. The time of year when we set our clocks back and we start to let ourselves go—less gym time and more comfort food. The onset of shorter days and cooler nights affects us mentally and physically, and seems to give us license to relax from our regular routines. We eat less healthily, slack off on the gym, and dress in more somber colors and tones. And as the temperature continues to drop, we experience more fatigue, our skin can become drier, and our hair can become more brittle.But just because temperatures are cooler doesn’t mean we have to look and feel as somber as the forecast. We don’t have to walk around with ashy skin and scraggly beards. This fall, fight back; combat fall fatigue and winter wear-down. Let’s continue looking as good as when we had our summer glow. To help you weather the seasonal changeover, Fashion Reverie has assembled a list of products that will have you feeling springtime fresh, even in the bleakest of climates.

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One of the biggest cold weather issues is dry skin. Brutal winds are bad enough, but multiple layers of clothing rubbing on your skin can accelerate the skin dryness. Enter SEACRET.SEACRET is a wide range of skincare and spa products stacked with minerals from the Dead Sea. One of their most popular products is the salt and oil scrub. The concoction of Dead Sea salt, grape seed oil, and honey not only gently exfoliates your skin, but also stimulates cell renewal. It is especially effective for nourishing your hands and feet. After your first use, your skin will begin to feel healthy and hydrated, and ready to take on whatever ‘Old Man Winter’ throws your way.

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More and more men are growing out their beards, and it has become a case of the haves and have nots—some have it together, and some don’t. But as with all successes in life, there are levels to this. On the basic level, some guys are using regular shampoo and conditioner to care for the beard. However, men in the know use products specifically developed to tend to their facial follicles. But fellas who know best, use Mountaineer Brand (MB).Mountaineer Brand is an all-natural brand from West Virginia and offers a full gamut of products to keep your whiskers tamed. They have everything from beard wash and shampoo to waxes, balms, and oils to shave kits, combs and brushes. Of particular interest is their beard oil. Not only does it absorb quickly and give your beard a healthy shine, it also conditions your skin and promotes hair growth. And their products don’t smell like honeysuckle or eucalyptus (even though there’s nothing wrong with that.)

MB’s products have scents of timber, coal, pine tar, citrus and spice, or lime and fir needles. Mountaineer Brand may be made with the rugged outdoorsman in mind, but it works perfectly fine for the city slicker, too.

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Looking and feeling good on the outside doesn’t mean much if you don’t look and feel good on the inside. The main portal of entry into your body is your mouth, so it is imperative that you take good care of it. One of the best ways to care for your mouth is with mouthwash and tooth powder from Garner’s Garden.First, there is Garner’s Garden’s mouthwash. It is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral, fluoride free, and comes in regular strength or reduced strength for those with sensitive mouths. Also, Garner’s Garden has re-mineralizing tooth powder that you use in combination with the mouthwash. It removes stains and toxins, whitens and polishes teeth, helps prevent tooth decay and gingivitis, reduces inflammation and soothes gums.

This product line, which is handmade and 100% all natural, is a slight deviation from typical oral care, but it is certainly worth it. You combine the two products in your mouth, then brush and gargle as normal. For those who include oil pulling as part of your oral care regimen, Garner’s Garden offers an alternative—Oxy Pulling. Rather than swish coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes, you can swish their Oxy Pulling oral rinse for 30 seconds and get up to 10 times the effectiveness. Using all three products will result in drastically improved oral health. If you dread visits to the dentist as much as most people, these products can make your next dental visit a bit more pleasurable.

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Sometimes the forgotten soldiers of our winter woes are our feet. During good weather, they often don’t get enough rest, but it’s even worse in the cold weather months. We stuff them in boots for hours on end and they trudge us through the snow, and when we get home, they might get a cursory massage. All that hard work can take a toll, and we need to alleviate as much stress as possible. One way to treat your feet better is with foot masks by Starskin.Starskin are healing socks for your feet. Inside each sock is an array of skin softening, callous removing, dead-skin sloughing ingredients. You slip them on for an hour (you can put a regular pair of socks on over them), and let them do their magic. The lactic acid and other ingredients perform a deep exfoliation on your feet, and over the next week, you will notice the dead skin cells falling off, and a new, smooth layer of skin now at the surface. Some people have even reported a layer of skin coming off like the shedding of a snake. Cool? Gross? Whatever! The ancient Chinese believed that reflexology points in the feet lead to better health. If these socks can help rejuvenate my feet, and thereby restore the equilibrium of the yin and yang, Fashion Reverie is all here for it.

—Carl Ayers

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