NYFW: The Shows Spring 2018 Beauty: Roughed-Up Waves

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Wild, yet chic waves took center stage at Nicole Miller‘s spring 2018 presentation at New York Fashion Week: The Shows (NYFWS). The slightly messy, yet still perfectly put-together look, paired well with Miller’s designs, which also master the art of juxtaposition.

“Inspired by the classic Clark Gable and Ava Gardner movie, “Mogambo,” and the concept of a city girl dispatched into safari but ill equipped for the elements. She shows up in her high heels— certainly fabulous but a little askew. Ladylike lace dresses are mixed with structured neutrals, and classic safari tones and textures are juxtaposed with our signature bold prints, evoking a sense of adventure and play.”Rodney Cutler, lead hair stylist for Cutler/Redken Salons, crafted the “roughed-up and tied-back waves” to complement this “journey into the wild.” To get the disheveled, “lazy wave” look, Cutler blows the hair out with some product. Or should we say a lot of product. This look uses 6 different products including Cutler Volumizing Spray, Redken Fashion Work 12 Versatile Hairspray, Redken Wind Blown 05, Redken Wax Blast 10, Redken Powder Grip 03 and Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two-Day Extender Dry Shampoo!

Once it’s ready to be transformed into those haphazard waves, the hair is set in spirals with a curling iron. Cutler recommends omitting the ends entirely. “The important thing is that you set the root first. Most people at home just set it at the ends and it concentrates at the end.” So make sure to start curling your hair from the very top and stop before you reach the ends. The finished look, that has appropriately been coined as “Mane to be Wild,” is finished off by tying pieces of the hair back and winding in strips of fabric.

                                          All images courtesy of Nicole Miller

Ultimately, the look was simplified a bit for Miller’s presentation, keeping the waves loose and free. It’s not uncommon for a look to be adapted backstage at a show, especially as designers want to make sure you’re not distracted from the clothes. However, both the initial look and the more simplified final look can smoothly be transitioned from the catwalk to the street! So keep it simple, with beautiful breezy waves or tie it back with fabric and get creative, either way, you can’t go wrong!

Does the original hairstyle seem familiar? You might recall seeing a similar look adorned with strips of fabric in Fashion Reverie’s summer editorial!

—Janine Silver



  1. Wow! Beautiful hairdos! I wish I could get my hair curled like that. The last time I got my hair curled at a beauty salon (it was in a store, but still…), it turned out to be a disaster! This is why I haven’t really tried again.

  2. Such a cute look! Pretty simple too!

  3. I love loose curls! So chic yet effortless

    – Peng

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