New York Fashion Week: The Shows Spring 2018 Dippity Don’ts

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New York Fashion Week (NYFW) as we once knew has taken on a new face. No longer is NYFW mostly for fashion industry professionals—the fashion editors, journalists, fashion photographers, stylists, fashion designers, fashion models and all the ancillary professionals—that gives the fashion industry its motivation, momentum and raison d’etre.

NYFW has now quickly become the stomping ground of social media influencers, posers, and 2017’s version of club kids. And while most fashion industry professionals are horrified by this development, the new NYFW is excellent fodder for outrageous fashion.

True to form, Fashion Reverie was front and center, documenting all the crazy fashion, and providing some snarky comments on all the folks that have a bizarre since of themselves and what some think is now and next fashion.

Day 1

I know the asymmetrical look and cutouts are in, but this looks like a bad Junior High home economics project!

Hey girl, it is New York Fashion Week, not Hobo Week!!


Day 2It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s just a mess!!


When a music CD goes double platinum that is a good thing, but in this case double platinum is double the ugly.

Day 3Hey girls, the “ho” stroll is in Hunt’s Point.

Hey dude, your tag is showing.

Day 4

This ain’t no 101 Dalmations moment, but Cruella Deville, eat your heart out!!

Work it pimp daddy!!!

Day 5

Child, somebody lied to you, this is not a Good Ship Lollipop moment!!


Did your momma let you leave the house, looking like this?

Day 6Wow, it’s the new Darth Vadar. Hey Darth, beef up those legs!!



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