New York Fashion Week: The Shows Spring 2018 Sketches

No matter who your favorite designers/brands are; their impressive collections come from a very focused perspective and inspiration. And though the art of sketching may be a quickly evaporating facet of the fashion industry due to the expanding frontier of technology, there are still some designers that sit down with pen and paper—and in some cases stylo and Thinkpad—and begin the process of designing their collections season after season.

Leanne Marshall spring 2018

Leanne Marshall spring 2018

“Project Runway” is the not only place who will witness the sketches of great collections, at Fashion Reverie every season we also curate sketches for the upcoming season. And even though the retail market is constricting, the inspiration and the brilliant design acuity continues.

Since her stint and win on “Project Runway,” Leanne Marshall has been a constant presence during New York Fashion Week. This season Marshall’s theme was the “Green Diamond Wall.” And Marshall’s “transportation to the other side of the green diamond wall” will contain her signature aesthetic of eco-friendly, restrained volume expressed through diaphanous fabrics. Additionally, there will possibly be a nod to futuristic projections. Fashion Reverie cannot wait to report on Leanne Marshall’s spring 2018 collection.

Collages1412Dan Liu has presented at New Fashion Week: The Shows (NYFSW) for several seasons. And for the spring 2018 season, Liu looked to the solitude of the seaside for inspiration.

“People say, “Smell the Sea, Feel the Breeze, Hear the Ocean, Be at Ease”… which is true and I love the way how people feel about beaches and sea breeze, but to me, it’s a lot more than that.  To me, it is okay to be sad in life, it’s okay to be hurt in love, and it’s fine only the ocean is there to be with me … because to me, “feeling” is much more important than other senses that we have.  Yes, our eyes can see and ears can hear, but I’d rather “feel” because by feeling, even though I’m all alone and sad in the beach, I know the Sun will eventually warm me up, the sand will comfortably soap my feet, and certainly, see breeze will give me a hug thru inside out. No one wants to be sad and lonely… and no one loves failure … but this is the only way we can live our lives completely and feel alive when we search our feelings with our soul,” detailed Liu.

Collages1411“Beauty in the chaos” is the theme for Jarel Zhang’s spring 2018 collection. Launched in 2017, Jarel Zhang’s work has a minimalist approach rooted in an independent urban aesthetic. For spring 2018, Zhang drew inspiration from the chaos, construction, and movement of the New York Streets. He found beauty in the chaos and the structure. This Jarel Zhang’s debut at New York Fashion Week: The Shows.

Known primarily for their fashionable timepieces, Galitscopio’s brand also includes accessories and garments. In its debut season at NYFWS, Galitscopio’s theme is “a time to shine.”

All sketch images courtesy of the Riviera Agency

All sketch images courtesy of the Riviera Agency

Galitscopio brilliantly styles new apparel fusing elements of bezel design with fashion. Independence, conviction, gentility and sophistication are the main qualities among the myriads of different characters of city ladies. The new collection provides versatile choices for ladies of different characters in different lifestyle scenarios, whether work, play or otherwise. Femininity in GALTISCOPIO style always ensures mesmerizing elegant exquisiteness, adding more glamorous flair for the ladies this spring and summer, TIME TO SHINE!

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