Woodhouse Men’s Spring 2018

Woodhouse-Mens_Spring_2018This season there were several menswear brands that looked to 90s hip-hop as a reference point. Most failed to deliver a viable re-interpretation of this 90s design aesthetic; however, Woodhouse was one of the very few that delivered.

Julian Woodhouse accomplished this endeavor by injecting humor and fun into his “Field Day” spring 2018 collection.  “This collection was stitched with the hopes of a brighter future and for us represents the new revolutionary and our counter culture. We are a politically and socioeconomically engaged society, not caring is not an option, but from time to time we can take a break and enjoy life. So let’s have a field day,” explained Julian Woodhouse in hi spring 2018 collection’s liner notes.

Collages1380There was lots of bold color in this collection, as well as striped cargo pants and overalls, baseball hats and some color blocking. All these elements added up to a very playful, youth-driven collection; especially with the male models standing on wooden grates planted on green astroturf.

And Julian Woodhouse continued with the boyish charm of the collection with comical messages on the baseball caps, particularly the tongue-in-cheek caption, “Make Menswear Great Again. But Really Tho.” Donald Trump should be so proud!!

Images courtesy of Woodhouse

Images courtesy of Woodhouse

The current political climate has inspired collections that come from a variety of points of view. However, Julian Woodhouse has opted for the irony of it all. After all, if you cannot have fun with fashion, then it all can become too dour.  Why not have some fun!!

—William S. Gooch

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