Raun Larose Men’s Spring 2018

Raun_Larose_spring_2018The Eighties are back and that is most evidenced in the Raun Larose spring 2018 collection. In a season where menswear designers reinvented 90’s hip-hop, reimagined office suiting, and continued to experiment with androgyny, Raun Larose chose to stay with what his brand does best, reposition traditional menswear silhouettes through a lens of modernity and gender neutral sensibility.

Inspired by 80s tech startups—think Apple and Compaq—Raun Larose in this “Systems Down” collection collaborated with Portuguese artist Jose Cigna on the graphics in the collection. Many of the graphics were modeled after old error messages found on 80s IBM computers.

Collages1383Understanding that fashion should be now and next, Larose wove current trends—futuristic metallic, restrained volume, and off-the-shoulder silhouettes—into the landscape of where menswear is heading, androgyny and statement pieces that are not for mass consumption. Though most male consumers are not ready for where Larose is projecting the brand, millenials, if they can get past stagnant wages and there very deep college debt, will stand up and take notice. Remember, this is the generation of legalized marijuana, same gender marriage, and a breakdown of government and societal institutions.

All that said; there was a lot of craftsmanship in this spring 2018 outing. Larose deconstructed typical men’s suiting by adding volume and replacing jacket buttons with a jacket wrap tie. He also did some interesting layering with metallic shorts and layered over and under slacks. Larose incorporated man skirts/culottes that rose high on the hips interestingly paired with oxford and graphic print tops.

Images courtesy of Raun Larose

Images courtesy of Raun Larose

Though there was a strong focus on expanded silhouettes that most male consumers cannot wrap their heads around, there were some separates that have retail viability. And a lot of the outerwear would work in most male consumer’s wardrobes.

In a season were most of the revamped 90s silhouettes seemed dusty and other menswear directions just didn’t register, Raun Larose was one of the few collections that gave hope to a very lackluster season. Vive la difference!!

—William S. Gooch

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