Editors’ Pick: For Fall 2017 Zadig & Voltaire Marries Three Prominent Trends

Collages1373Don’t be fooled by late summer temperatures, it’s time to start considering your fall wardrobe. And retailers are focused and primed to get consumers attention on fall clothes. Pre-fall clothing has been in the stores since late July and now big retail stores are being stocked with fall merchandise.

That said; when it comes to stylish fall fashion, no brand does it better than Zadig & Voltaire. Launched in Paris in 1997 by Thierry Giller, the grandson of Lacoste co-founder Andre Giller. Zadig & Voltaire quickly gained a reputation for quality accessible style funneled through the luxury ready-to-wear at prices that middle-income consumers can afford.  In recent years the brand has also branched into fragrances, accessories, jewelry and eyewear.

The fall 2017 season will be a season of lots of trends empowering each other. Things are not what they appear to be for fall 2017 and what might be seen as dissimilar bedfellows, for fall 2017 it’s all in how you mix and match these polar opposites. Zadig & Voltaire has found the perfect combinations. And with three store locations in NYC, you cannot go wrong!!


Military inspirations pop up as a trend every few years. For fall 2017, Zadig & Voltaire merges camouflage print and leopard spots in a bigger way on khaki and canvas. (Think of military influences in the Congo.) The fall 2017 collection includes a great camo jumpsuit zipped neck collar, as well as other pieces that combine a patchwork of khaki patches, velvet stripes and sweaters.


Zadig & Voltaire take leather very seriously. From distressed edges to smooth perfection, for fall 2017, the Parisian-based brand has married New York City style with Parisian chicness and sophistication.

Images courtesy of Catherine Miran NY

Images courtesy of Catherine Miran NY


Zadig & Voltaire loves to layer. This season Zadig & Zoltaire pair skinny jeans and jumpers with undie unmentionable, flouncy nightgown–like dresses and blouses. This pairing is for the fashion risk-taker and those who want to grab attention.

—William S. Gooch

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