Editor’s Picks: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Must-Haves

In just under three weeks, editors, bloggers, stylists, photographers and fashionistas will scurry between Lincoln Center and other fashion show venues as they blog, write, document and get a glimpse of all the fashion trends and glorious collections that will parade back and forth over hallowed runways. In spite of all the hustle and bustle that accompanies this biannual deluge of fashion and beauty, it is still important to be on trend and look your best. Fashion Reverie has come up with a few hot items that may set you apart from all the other trendsetters. After all, fashion is more than the style of the day, but what is happening next.

Though everyone wants to get noticed and look their best, if you are a fashion journalist who is hurrying from runway shows to presentations, comfort as well as style is important. For fall 2012, Snob Essentials, a collaboration between DL1961A Premium Denim and BagSnob, has launched a line of fashion-forward skinny jeans that will not only attract attention but is also promotes ease of movement and comfort. The collection has seven fashion forward styles for every day of the week and is made with DL1961’s signature X-FIT 4-way stretch denim. These limited edition styles are currently available at Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, as well as their respective e-commerce sites.

Image courtesy of Collaterals

Fashion Reverie never leaves out the guys. So, for the male fashion industry professionals that may be attending such prestigious events as the very exclusive 7th Annual Fashion Award Benefit Luncheon or the very-hard-to-get-into Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Michael Kors, and Calvin Klein shows, Collaterals has just launched a revolutionary selection of foldable, cuff links that not only dazzle, but have an automatic locking component. The only foldable cuff links of its kind, the Prometheus-inspired cufflinks are made of hand-polished, premium steel and feature a locking capability that fastens your cuffs in place, eliminating baggy shirts cuff that usually found with conventional cuffs. The Prometheus-inspired cuff links come in mother-of-pearl, black onyx with a leather centerpiece and retails for $125

As you are chatting on your IPhone or rambling through your bag for your IPad or taking notes the old school way, remember that there is a deep connection between pop art and fashion. The confluence of fashion and pop art is no more evident than in the pop culture icon Andy Warhol. Warhol started his career as a fashion illustrator at several fashion publications and founded the fashion and entertainment magazine, Interview.

Incase believes that everyone can have a better experience through design. And their mantra is put to good use in their new designs for IPhone, IPad and Macbook and shoulder bags featuring Warhol iconography. Remember, during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week you want to stand out and with these new products from Incase, you will not only grab attention, but also be noted as a trendsetter.

You will definitely make a statement with the Warhol shoulder bag for your computer. This great item retails for $149.00. You can also be fashion-forward with IPhone covers that retail for $39.95.

Fashionable on the outside, as well as being good at what you do. What more could you ask for!!

—William S. Gooch



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