Bridal Beauty Extra: Pre-Wedding Pampering Sessions

Wedding planning can be stressful, the flowers, the favors, the alterations, the guest list, the registry, the seating chart … the list of things to do never seems to end.  Before the big day, take some time to unwind with your favorite gal pals, trust Fashion Reverie, you won’t be sorry.

So grab your bridesmaids and melt your stress away at some of New York City’s top spas!

Images courtesy of The Sisley

Images courtesy of The Sisley

An Indulgent Facial to Get You Photo Ready:

The Phyto-Aromatic Facial at The Sisley Spa has to be the most relaxing facial in all of New York City.  Sit back and enjoy as your skin is pampered and your complexion enhanced for all those wedding photos.

Breathe in to inhale the delicate aromatics and begin your journey.  As you exhale, the aesthetician expertly massages your facial muscles in sync with your breathing.  Even the process of simply cleaning your face and removing your makeup is carefully done to hit pressure points, taking into a world of relaxation.

The rich creams, that are thick and lightly perfumed and customized to each person’s skin type, are derived from natural ingredients like white Lily and grapefruit.  These rich creams leave your skin smooth, hydrated and tingling in a pleasant way like champagne bubbles dancing on your tongue.

Speaking of champagne, cap your experience off with a celebratory glass of bubbly in their relaxation room for the perfect spa day with your squad!

The Sisley Spa

The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel

35 East 76th Street, 3rd Floor


Images courtesy of Aire Ancient Baths

Images courtesy of Aire Ancient Baths

Float Away from Stressful to Do-Lists

As a bride-to-be it seems your list of tasks gets longer every day.  Take some time to enjoy a day in AIRE Ancient Baths thermal pools.  Their candle lit room is filled with hot and cold pools, steam baths and jacuzzis to melt away tension.

A huge upgrade from a crowded public pool or all-day spa, this downtown Tribeca spa limits the amount of people for a truly indulgent experience.  A personal attendant will walk you through their beautifully designed space with high ceilings and aquamarine pools.

AIRE’s baths reach up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit and are perfect for soothing sore muscles.  Then cool down in one of their plunge pools for an icy boost to your system, before returning to the tempered waters or relaxing marble steam room.

The 90-minute thermal bath and aromatherapy session gives you full access to their hot and cold plunge pools and steam room.  They’re happy to explain the benefits of each pool, but you’re free to walk around, testing the waters as you please.

The benefits of alternating between hot and cold water have been widely reported on and are praised for helping increase everything from circulation to a general feeling of well-being.  However, AIRE offers a lot more than just different temperature soaks.  We loved the Flotarium, a warm salt flotation tank, which allows you to feel weightless and carefree while floating in this quiet space. Also, check out the propeller jet bath, which uses pulsating water to deliver a relaxing massage.

While the ambiance does feel romantic and there are plenty of little nooks and corners for couples to hang out (or make out in), the luxurious setting is also ideal for groups of girlfriends looking to unwind.  On your visit you’re bound to spot mothers and daughters relaxing side-by-side, bridal parties enjoying themselves in a quiet serene space, and yes the occasional overly affectionate couple.

AIRE Ancient Baths

88 Franklin Street

1 (646) 878-6174

Images courtesy of Trump Soho

Images courtesy of Trump Soho

Escape Your Soon-To-Be Mother-In-Law in a Turkish Hammam

(Or Bring Her Along, We’re Sure She’d Enjoy a Day at the Spa)

Regardless of your political feelings, a traditional cleansing ritual from Morocco at The Spa at Trump Soho is something both Democrats and Republicans alike can get excited about. This unique detoxifying experience uses black olive soap and rhassoul clay mud, along with a traditional kessa mitt to remove impurities and dead skin cells, leaving you with soft beautiful skin.

The spa itself is small like many Manhattan spas, but it is the epitome of relaxation with LED-chromo-therapy showers, heated toiled seats and a beautiful relaxation lounge filled with comfy day beds and bathed in natural light through sheer curtains.

You’ll start your treatment by being led into the spa’s hammam, where after you get comfortable on the heated stone table, hot water is rhythmically splashed across your body.  The heat along with the pressure and motion of the water combines for an unforgettable experience.  Soap and lotions are massaged onto your body and scalp for beautiful, smooth skin.

To conclude the service, you’re asked to sit up and take a deep breath.  As you exhale, you’re hit with cool water to help you acclimate.

Be warned the room isn’t quite like in regular massage, there is constantly running water and metal bowls clanking together.  However, the noise is a byproduct of the talented specialists use of the water to keep you in a constant state of bliss, so in our humble opinion, it’s something that can be overlooked.

The Spa

Trump Soho New York

246 Spring Street

(212) 842-5500


Images courtesy of The Haven

Images courtesy of The Haven

Spoil Yourself and Your Favorite Ladies Rotten

As if you needed another a reason to truly indulge, a spa day is the perfect alternative to a crazy booze-filled bachelorette.  For about the same price as an expensive night out, you can get messaged from head to toe—plus you don’t need to worry about being covered in spilt tequila shots while pushing off some over enthusiastic guy who’s not getting the hint.

The 6-hour package at Haven starts with an hour-long, relaxing massage.  Next, get ready for your honeymoon with an Island Wrapture body treatment.  This tropical treatment will hydrate, exfoliate and renew your skins’ moisture balance to leave you with a full body glow.  You’ll forget all about your wedding day woes as your whole body is treated from your toes to the top your head; yes, even you scalp is massaged with a warm coconut oil treatment.

Once your skin is feeling unbelievably soft you’re ready to work on your complexion.  An 80-minute facial will keep blackheads and blemishes at bay, so you’re all ready for your big day.

Take a quick break for lunch.  A selection of wraps, sandwiches and salads are offered to keep your energy up for a little more pampering.

After lunch, enjoy the last part of your treatment, an over-the-top manicure and pedicure by one of their expert manicurists.  After a full day of being rubbed down, a little polish doesn’t seem like something to get excited about; however, Haven’s Hand and Foot Renaissance packages truly bring the traditional mani/pedi to its knees.  All your extremities will be deliciously moisturized, scrubbed and soaked in an essential oil bath before being placed in heated mitts for the ultimate experience.  Lastly, a polish of your choosing is applied.

While time really does fly when you’re having fun—or rather getting pampered—the benefits of being spoiled rotten will last well after you’ve left the spa.


250 Mercer Street

1 (212) 343-3515

*While all these spas are phenomenal, with any facial or body treatments, Fashion Reverie recommend doing it at least a full week before the big day in case of any redness or irritation that might initially occur.

—Janine Silver



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