Fashion News Alert: Edward Enniful’s New Job, Another Fragrance for Jennifer Lopez, Selfridge Escapes Too Thin Allegations, Ivanka Trump Label’s Sales Increase, and Sayonara Trump Models


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Twenty five might be a lucky number for Jennifer Lopez. With her new partnership with Designer Parfums, Lopez is primed to release her 25 fragrance.

Many in the fragrance industry consider Jennifer Lopez a fragrance powerhouse with 24 fragrances to her credit, topping all other celebrities who have launched fragrances.  Lopez’s 2003 fragrance ‘Glow by JLO’ was one of the most successful celebrity fragrance launches.

“Jennifer has always had a clear vision when it comes to her fragrance, knowing trends and delivering scents the public love, all while encompasses her authenticity and vision,” said Dilesh Mehta from Designer Parfums. “The teams at Designer Parfums are hugely excited to be working with Jennifer and her team and having a long, successful and beautifully scented partnership.”

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British Black

Everyone wants that premier job, and Edward Enninful just scored it!! Conde Nast has named Edward Enniful the new editor-in-chief of British Vogue after the recent departure of Alexandra Shulman. Shulman tenure at British Vogue lasted for 25 years.

Enniful’s appointment makes him the second man and first person of African ancestry to hold the title of editor-in-chief at any Vogue magazine. Since 2011, Enniful had been the creative director of W Magazine.

“By virtue of his talent and experience, Edward is supremely prepared to assume the responsibility of British Vogue,” added Conde Nast International Chairman and Chief Executive Jonathan Newhouse. And Newhouse has called Enninful, “an influential figure in the communities of fashion, Hollywood and music which shape the cultural zeitgeist.”

Enniful will start his new position at British Vogue on August 1.

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Thin is in?

When is thin too thin? Apparently, when an extremely thin model appeared in an ad for the UK’s Selfridges department store’s marketing email in January of this year. The marketing email shows a models standing sideways in a long, sleeveless dress.

There was major outcry in the UK over the model’s thinness, with consumers and several British authorities begging Selfridge to remove the ad. However, Selfridges contended that the model was weight appropriate and that ad was designed to focus on the garment, not the model. “We considered most people, including young children and women, would interpret the ad as focusing on the design and fit of the dress, rather than on desirable body image,” explained Selfridges.

UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) agreed with Selfridges after a thorough investigation of the incident. The ASA stated that they did not consider the model to be “significantly underweight.”


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Conflicting Ivanka figures

Despite rallying cries against President Trump, Ivanka Trumps’ labels sales increased by 61%, well that is in 2016. G-III Apparel Group, which manufactures and sells Ivanka’s clothing labels recently revealed that between February 2016 and January 2017 Ivanka Trump’s brands generated revenue of $47.3 million compared to $29.4 million in the previous yearly cycle.

G-III Apparel contends that Ivanka Trump’s labels’ increase in sales contributed to the company’s rise in operating income. This claim goes against the statement issued by Nordstrom’s earlier this year, explaining that Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessories were pulled from the store because of lagging sales.

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Trumped out

It was only a matter of time that Trump Models would be a thing of the past. Fashion insiders have been wagging their tongues for several months that Trump Models would go the way of Never, Neverland.

With iconic supermodels Pat Cleveland and Carmen Dell’Orefice leaving the fold, fashion pundits could see the writing on the wall. In its 18-year history, Trump Models only achieved modest success, though it helped launch the careers of Steven Meisel favorite Holly-May Saker, and Sports Illustrated Swimwear star Mia Kang. However, when top agency bookers defected to start their own model management companies—Iconic Focus and Anti Management—the agency’s revenue declined steeply.

Add to those series of events, Donald Trump’s low rating in the polls with an administration filled with resignations, scandals and verbal faux pas,’ the president’s name association was too much for the modeling agency’s revenue growth. Result, closing shop!!

—William S. Gooch



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    why are you talking about the trumps, Ivanka Trump clothes line is not doing well and she is putting them in someone else name so they will sale , we do not like these trump people because they hate gays and women and people of color

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