Editors’ Pick: Persaman New York’s Fall 2017 Handbags

Persaman_Handbags_Fall_2017Everyone is looking for balance in life. From the seeming balance between family life and career, to the balance and equality of the sexes to balance in finances and spirituality, balance is necessary to live the good life.

The balance between what we mere humans call good and evil is that explainable thing that balances out the cosmos. With all that said, balance can also be interpreted as the freedom to express all aspects of one’s personality. That balance can also be found in fashion, a balance that often bridges the gap between polar opposites. The worlds were sophistication meets whimsy, chicness is paired with a street style sensibility, and there is a marriage of traditional classics and modern charm.

Persaman New York Fall 2017 Men's Bags

Persaman New York Fall 2017 Men’s Bags

All these fashionable aspects are capsulized in Persaman New York new fall 2017 handbag collection. Staying true to Persaman’s strong design ethos, the fall 2017 collection exuberates class, style and a touch of playfulness. The collection, inspired by the modern-day bohemian, features the soft hues of the seasons—burgundy, squash yellow, and pumpkin orange—juxtaposed with intricate metal work used throughout each bag. Persaman New York found its muse for this collection through travel, entertainment and the arts; this inspiration lead the brand to enlist the work of local artisans to create the handmade details that the Persaman customer truly adores.

Twenty years after being founded in New York City, Persaman New York remains a lifestyle brand and a destination for consumers that want modern bohemian clothing, accessories, home and gifts that reflect their own lives, passions from their homes, arts, travel and entertainment. With a belief in sustainable products, Persaman New York personally supervises and hires local artisans who work together to handcraft a lot of the brand’s products.

Images courtesy of RedLight PR

Images courtesy of RedLight PR

For fall 2017, Persaman New York has found that delicate balance between craftsmanship, sophisticated whimsy, and market viability. And consumers all the better for it!!

—William S. Gooch



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