Editors’ Pick: RAYMOND WEIL’s Etoile

Image courtesy of RAYMOND WEIL

Image courtesy of RAYMOND WEIL

The spring ballet season is upon us. When trees start to bud, morning birds began than mellifluous chirping and mild temperatures become the norm, you know that the world of tutus, pointe shoes and fantasy is just around the corner.

Just in time for the spring ballet season and in celebration of the world of fantasy, precision and brilliance, RAYMOND WEIL has collaborated with French shoemaker Repetto to create the elegant timepiece, Etoile. A symbol of strength, elegance and movement, the shine “Etoile” watch is a versatile performer. Featuring two interchangeable straps crafted in Repetto leather, this timepiece is able to reinvent itself as the hours go by, making it the perfect companion for the modern woman.

Images of Paris Opera Ballet etoiles clockwise: Sylvie Guillem, Amelie Dupont,

Images of Paris Opera Ballet etoiles clockwise: Sylvie Guillem, Amelie Dupont, Ghislaine Thesmar, Monique Loudieres, and Noella Pontois

Daintily framed by a 32mm round steel case, the galvanized silver dial is enhanced with a guilloche pattern suggesting the texture of tulle.Thanks to a unique patented system of removable lugs developed by RAYMOND WEIL, the shine “Etoile” watch changes straps and style with graceful ease. Alongside its classic metal bracelet, the timepiece may be paired with straps crafted from Repetto leather for a beautiful pas de deux. Two star shades—iconic blush pink, the emblematic color of ballet shoes, and crystal carbon black—express elegance, glamour, and lightness. This multifaceted timepiece is inspired by the world’s most gifted ballerinas, Paris’ famed Etoile dancers, and other stellar, feminine figures we encounter every day. (At the Paris Opera Ballet, etoile is the highest rank a ballet dancer can achieve. Several French ballerinas have had this unique title bestowed upon them; Rosella Hightower, Yvette Chauvire, Claude Bessy, Ghislaine Thesmar, Noella Pontois, Monique Loudieres, Sylvie Guillem, Elizabeth Platel, Isabelle Guerin, Amelie Dupont, and many others.)

Images courtesy of RAYMOND WEILL

Images courtesy of RAYMOND WEILL

“For 40 years, RAYMOND WEIL has been showcasing the wealth of Swiss watchmaking expertise. For 70 years, Repetto has been perpetuating this style, this French-style elegance and know-how that consolidate the stature of the country that saw the birth of classical ballet. Repetto and RAYMOND WEIL [epitomize] beautiful family stories; united by a quest for excellence and precision. Together, we accompany the women of the world as they give the performance of their lives,” enthuses Elie Bernheim, CEO RAYMOND WEIL.


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