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Son_Jung_Wan_Fall_2017Song Jung Wan’s collections have always been part costume and part fashion-forward projections. And that is a good thing when it comes to Wan’s fall 2017 collection, well; for the most part. As a always there are a lot of ideas in Wan’s fall 2017 collection, but unlike some previous collections, there were a lot of more wearable pieces in this collection.

The oversized silhouettes of the 1980s were used as inspiration for Son Jung Wan’s fall 2017 collection. (Think the glitter and glam of the “greed is good” era.) All this over-exaggeration is seen through Wan’s kaleidoscope of color, mixed textures and fabrications.

Collages1211Interestingly, Wan’s reference to glitz and glam of the 1980s melds beautifully with this season’s metallic trend and trend of spark and shine. Still, Wan does not begin and stop there, Wan supplements the glitz and glam trend with the velvet trend, oversized furs, fur embellishments, oversized coats with padded shoulders and flared skinny pants.

Collages1212The color palette this season ranged from lipstick red, punch pink to gold white, fawn beige to turquoise blue green, and sepia. While some of the bold, handcrafted knit details—which the brand is known for—didn’t mix well with some of the other fabrications in this collection, Wan this season, as opposed to other season—did deliver some garments that had actual retail value and would appeal to consumers beyond its core base.

Collages1213Still, similar to previous outings, Son Jung Wan continues to be plagued by too many ideas in this fall 2017 outing. If Wan could adapt a ‘less is more’ design aesthetic, his garments would have a much wider appeal. Then again, perhaps Wan is not looking for more market viability, content with the brand’s current audience.

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Standout looks in the collection include dark blue velvet jumpsuit, burgundy silk dress with burgundy pants, men’s grey stripe jacket, beige and gold wool jumpsuit, and men’s lamb white fur coat with beige wool vest and white cold jacquard pants.

—William S. Gooch

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