Katty Xiomara Fall 2017

Collages1201Over 450 designers/brands show collections during New York Fashion Week. With so many brands showing new collections, it is a challenge for a small, boutique brand to distinguish itself from the over abundance of collections. Not only is it dizzying for industry professional, bustling from show to show, it is also a task for industry professionals to remember what they may have just witnessed unless a brand has found a way to set itself apart.

Some brands get around this by scheduling their fashion presentations a few days before fashion week, others try gimmicks, some fashion brands just present their best. Katty Xiomara did the latter!!

Katty_Xiomara_Fall_2017For a few seasons Katty Xiomara has established that it’s signature design DNA is fun, flirty, feminine looks with a bit of a twist. For fall 2017 Xiomara re-established this signature look and took it further.

For fall 2017 Xiomara’s fun, feminine looks were more sophisticated with garments that dressed her customer at her jointure of her day. In other words, Xiomara’s girl has grown into a full-fledged woman with a distinctive style.

Images courtesy of Mao PR

Images courtesy of Mao PR

At times there were too many ideas in certain pieces, but overall Katty Xiomara rendered a collection that was cohesive, consumer friendly and very accessible. And her polka-dot aesthetic was used in ways that polka dots have never been presented. There were polka dots combined with satin, organza, knits, and chiffon. And though polka dots are thought of as a spring/summer design choice, Xiomara made polka dots work for fall/winter. That is an accomplishment in itself.

Xiomara also employed some of the current trends from crush velvet to ruffles to shimmer and sparkle elements. And color palettes ranged from rust orange, rose pink, and ecru to deep ocean blue and tan.

Katty Xiomara should keep going in this direction. If so, there are more bright moments ahead!!

—William S. Gooch

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