Georgine Fall 2017

GEORGINE FW2017In a season where many designers/brands looked to politics and cultural rebellion for inspiration, Georgine used famous hotel dwellers as a reference point. Who are these iconic hotel dwellers via the locations you might ask? Consider Coco Chanel’s suite at The Ritz and Oscar Wilde’s chambers at Hotel d’Alsace, to Howard Hughes bungalow at The Beverly Hills Hotel, and Edie Sedgwick’s room at The Chelsea Hotel.

Though the fall 2017 collection conjures up images of the classic, iconic hotel dwellers, the garments in the collection are named after the hotels or dwelling locations—The Bowery Hotel, The Savoy, Chateau Marmont, The Beekman, Hotel California, The Ritz, The Peninsula, Copacabana Palace, and Viceroy. And fittingly so, in that the garments in this fall 2017 collection reflected what modern consumers would wear in those iconic locales.

Collages1147This season Georgine borrowed from the past and fused those iconic looks with a modern sensibility and accessibility. There were several trends in the collection from the metallic trend to diaphanous sheers; and those continuing trends helped keep the collection fun, frolicky, youthful and accessible.

In contrast to some collections this season, Georgine ingeniously understood how to take vintage looks with a darker color palette and inject the clothes with a youthful vigor and freshness. Georgine accomplished this by including diaphanous sheers where appropriate and displayed little glimpses of skin in the right places.

Collages1149After only five years on the fashion scene, Georgine is establishing itself as a go-to brand for that fashion consumer who wants garments that go beyond the stand fare of what might be conceived as American luxury. There is always a twist with each collection, elevating each collection beyond clothes that appeal to women from a certain economic demographic. (Remember, sometimes that edgy fashionista has deep pockets.)

Collages1148Each season Georgine broadens its demographic, and this season was perhaps the most expansive and inclusive. Where in previous seasons the Georgine’s demographic was definitely that fashionable downtown fashion girl, this season the collection embraced more silhouettes and shapes and dressed their woman at every jointure of her day.

Images courtesy of Mao PR

Images courtesy of Mao PR

Though many of the party looks in the collection would work mostly for a youthful audience, there were several separates in this outing that would appeal to a larger demographic. That said; Georgine did not veer away from their signature looks of the chicly dressed down girl. Still, the Georgine design duo worked in garments, particular the outerwear that would interest a variety of women.

—William S. Gooch

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