Custo Barcelona Fall 2017

Custo_Barcelona_Fall_2017For fall 2017 Custo Barcelona’s collection was an ode to individuality and “shining the light.” This collection was Custo Barcelona’s attempt to have color—something they are known for—nuanced through the variations of reflection and radiance of the fabrics.

Interestingly, referencing color that can morph based on reflection and different fabrications is almost an oxymoron for Custo. Custo Barcelona is known for its kaleidoscope of color, shimmer, and patchwork layering so using this sparkle and color reflection as a reference point is not a huge stretch for the brand. That said; many other fashion brands did incorporate sparkle and glitter elements this season, keeping Custo Barcelona on trend this season. Still, Custo Barcelona leads the pack when it comes to sparkle and shine, and the brand has been the purveyor of this design aesthetic since its inception.

Collages1125Custo Barcelona’s ‘Light Years’ collection is built around iridescent lame, fabrics with a metallic finish, laminated fabrics, textures embossed with metal glitter, nets of Lurex thread, and sparkles of colors of precious stones, delicately combined to create feminine and fashionable silhouettes. That is a lot to put into one pot; however, Custo pulls if off. And perhaps this collection has more innovation and is more representative of who the brand is compared to what industry professionals have seen in some previous outings, because this collection is a true reflection of creative director Dalmau Custo. Remember, no one does kaleidoscopes of color, mixing and matching and glitter elements better than Dalmau Custo.


Collages1127Though there were many women’s looks that looked great on the runway and definitely reflected the design aesthetic this season, at times there was almost too much flash and flame with some garments taking on the look of Christmas ornamentation. The men’s looks fared better, perhaps because the men’s looks had more restraint and less layering.

Images courtesy of Nouveau PR

Images courtesy of Nouveau PR

Overall, if there is a statement to be made, particularly on a night out on the town, these are the clothes that will wow!! Can anyone say “Saturday Night Fever” 2017?

—William S. Gooch

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