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Don’t you know
They’re talkin’ ’bout a revolution
It sounds like a whisper
Don’t you know
They’re talkin’ about a revolution

—Tracy Chapman


wetransfer-41fe2bNicholas K is talking about a revolution, a revolution of sorts in their approach to their design aesthetic. And it is not a whisper, but an in-your-face political expression made evident in their fall 2017 collection.

Nicholas K has established itself as a brand that has successfully married a nomadic chic aesthetic with an urban chic style. For over one decade Nicholas K has revisited their design DNA, finding new and interesting ways to expand upon a signature looks that immediately identifiable. And for fall 2017 the brand’s signature aesthetic is still in place. However, Nicholas K’s fall 2017 collection does not begin and finish with their nomadic chic aesthetic.

Collages1111Realizing that fashion is a microcosm of society and culture in real time, Nicholas K’s fall 2017 collection drew heavily from revolutionary movements of the last 50 years, seen through the prism of the current political landscape of uncertainty, xenophobia, isolationism, and retraction. And though this revolutionary-inspired collection at its core pays homage to the hip-hop movement of the 1990s with its community building and solidarity-infused musical messages—think Arrested Development, Erykah Badu, and Soul II Soul—, those musical messages had their roots in the liberation movements of the 60s and 70s.

This intersectionality of music, movement, and political uncertainties is expressed in fall 2017 collection that celebrates determined, powerful women who have a clear fashion voice and wear their humanity and political convictions on their bodies. And in this collection that woman is sexy, fashion-forward and oh so chic! In common language, this season the Nicholas K woman is a powerful, bad ass b*tch!!

Collages1112Nicholas K in their fall 2017 collection brought back some iconic and interesting fashion elements—you could say some vintage looks. This vintage looks were detailed, layered, and paired in ways that expressed a modern woman’s ability to combine sensuality, consciousness, and style. These fashion adjectives are no longer disparate bedfellows, but meet at the intersection of how the current style diva expresses her raison d’etre.


Images courtesy of Agentry PR

Images courtesy of Agentry PR

With 90s hip-hop style-music featuring Latasha Alcindor blaring in the background, the opening looks—Black Power berets, metallic trench coats, crush velvet jackets, and leather wrap dresses— creative directors Christopher and Nicholas Kuntz demonstrated that they have their pulses on the current wave of fashion meeting political influences. Standout looks in the collection, and there were many, include the brand’s gold metallic shearling coat with gold beret and gold metallic skirt, red leather wrap dress with red beret, burnt orange crush velvet jacket with burnt orange crush velvet breeches, and tan wrap blouse with tan oversized parka.

—William S. Gooch

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