Raun LaRose Men’s Fall 2017

Raun_larose_Fall_2017Though New York Fashion Week: Men’s (NYFWM) focuses a significant amount of attention on tried-and-true American sportswear brands, Ralph Lauren, Nautica, Todd Snyder, and Billy Reid, in its fourth season the CFDA has placed a huge emphasis on emerging brands that stretch the proverbial fashion envelope of men’s fashion. Raun LaRose is one such brand.

Inspired by the distorted art formalist Erwin Wurm and skateboard and hip-hop cultures of the 1990s, Raun LaRose’s “To Whom It May Concern” debut fall 2017 collection was a slight departure from the stand American sportswear brands some male consumers might be accustomed to. And that is a good thing!!

Collages1101Oversized jackets, slacks and asymmetrical tops are key components to Raun LaRose’s fall 2017 collection. And though this collection did mirror Duckie Brown’s spring 2016 collection, there are some key differences and perspective that sets this collection apart from Duckie Brown’s spring 2016 outing.

This collection was all about exaggeration, but unlike Duckie Brown’s spring 2016 collection, many of the garments are wearable and would be appealing to a young male demographic. Perhaps, Duckie Brown was a few seasons ahead of its time, or maybe Raun LaRose just does it better!!


Images courtesy of DMJ Publications

Images courtesy of DMJ Publications

The exaggerated, satirical nature of Erwin Wurm’s art is a big influence in this collection, evidenced in garments that at their core are standards of most American male’s wardrobe. Most male consumers have bubble coats, loose trousers and sweaters. LaRose takes these standards and adding his own unique twist by oversizing every garment, even to the extent of a comic caricature of wardrobe staples. Still, many of the looks are wearable, reminiscent of oversized 90s garb from hip-hop and skateboard culture.

Standout looks in the collection are the brand’s beryl green quilted PVC bubble throw, cream oversized laminated hooded puffer with detachable fur, and brown speckled tweed cropped varsity.

—William S. Gooch

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