Leather through the Design Prism of PRITCH London

Pritch_London_FeatureAre you a rocker chick? No, well maybe you are that downtown fashionista type that has adopted an urban warrior aesthetic. That doesn’t describe you, either? Let’s see, hmm, well you love leather, of course you do!!

Whether you are an urban warrior, a rocker chick or a confirmed style maven, all fashion signals point to a love of leather. Leather is that one timeless, fashion must-have that defines your style, your mood, and your fashion point of view. It is a staple in your wardrobe, a go-to item to complete your look, and your daily fashion fix.

Now, that your love of leather has been established, the next challenge is finding leather garments that are fashion forward but still timeless. Enter PRITCH London.

 Collages1062PRITCH London could be deemed an unusual brand because it’s brand name could be a combination of two polar opposites, princess and b**ch, dark and light, or maybe not. Based in London and officially launched in 2012, PRITCH London conjures up non-conformist luxury inspired by the energy and vigor of London. This energy and zest is made evident in innovative leather garments that reflect a fashion-forward and rebellious style projection.

“Leather is a very complicated material to work with and it is very challenging and I love challenges,” explains PRITCH London founder Arina Pritch. “You cannot stitch leather more than one time, so the uniqueness of leather as a material is unbelievable. Most people look at leather as the material you design leather jackets with, but you can make anything out of leather. And that is what I am trying to show in my collections. Leather can be an accessory piece; it can be anything. It all depends on your imagination.”

Arina Pritch

The force behind PRITCH London, designer Arina Pritch

 Giving a nod to her penchant for edgy, dark, mood-evoking images, the logo for PRITCH London is the raven. “The raven is a very mystical bird. It is a bird that can survive among other species or fine on its own. The raven is a reflection of my own persona. It is a bird that represents duality and contrast,” explains Arina Pritch. “I attempt that contrast in PRITCH London collections.  The majority of the pieces you can wear to any occasion, easily transitioning from day to night.  One of the slogans of the brand is “a rebel in a conservative society,” which speaks to the duality of the brand. Leather can be feminine or masculine, rebellious of conservative, sexy with hints of modesty.”

With the success of the brand’s primary line, PRITCH London, Arina has developed her bespoke line, which is taking special pieces from PRITCH London and customizing those items for select customers. “PRITCH Bespoke is a full design experience for our special clients in which that client becomes their own designer. We will develop everything from sketch to completed garment, depending on what those special clients want.”

Images courtesy of Supreme Publicity

Images courtesy of Supreme Publicity

PRITCH London has also expanded the brand to include hybrids, going beyond solely leather garments. “For the brand I am beginning to mix fabrics with leather or mixing different kinds of leather in one garment. One jacket could have a variety of skins. It takes a lot of craftsmanship to be able to pull this off. It very difficult to mix leather with other materials because different machinery is required to accomplish this task; that is why you don’t see these hybrids often in the market and it very expensive to produce.” This aesthetic is aptly realized in hybrid garments that are a combination of organza, denim, and of course, leather. Add to that PRITCH London’s new collection of loungewear.

Although PRITCH London is not mass-produced, the brand is tapping into the growing market of consumers who want special garments and have the deep pockets to afford it. And for if you can afford to purchase PRITCH London’s tan and leather trench from the spring 2017 collection, buy it!!

—William S. Gooch

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