Rock it or Leave it on the Runway: 2017 Red Carpet Trends

Trends so often begin on the red carpet. It’s how designers get most of their attention. Some of these trends are perfect for the average fashion consumer; other trends not so much. The 2017 Golden Globes are this Saturday, so Fashion Reverie gives a little preview of what consumers can expect to see on the runway. Some trends you can rock, other trends leave alone!!


Photos: Evan Rachel Wood, Jennifer Lawrence, and Maura Tierney

 Pants and Jumpsuits as Formal Wear

For years when there was a formal event, dress codes would flatly state women were not to wear pants. Celebs are demonstrating to consumers that women can be beautiful and sexy in pants. The secret to looking amazing in a great pantsuit is to have it tailored and making sure the pant length is correct. You will find the pantsuit trend on Jennifer Lawrence, Evan Rachel Wood, and Maura Tierney. And you can rock it too!!


Photos: Ashley Graham, Jennifer Lawrence

Photos: Ashley Graham, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kate Hudson

Sheer Unlined Dresses

Most women could not get away with this look, even on red carpet. You need a slamming bod to pull this look off!! That said; celebs are spotted with their unmentionables on full display under sheer unlined gowns. Does anyone else remember that underwear is supposed to be UNDER your clothes? In effort to make sure they are fully covered, celebrities are choosing briefs and boy shorts which can be dowdy. When a look can make a lovely young woman like Jennifer Lawrence appear matronly, it’s a hard pass. Leave it on the runway!!

Photos: Katy Perry, Bella Thorne and

Photos: Katy Perry, Bella Thorne and Gillian Jacobs

Severe Hair aka the Statement Part

Unless it done correctly severe hair, wearing your hair slicked down with a center part, can really play up your features and not always in good way. Plus, the name says it all. It looks severe. Pulling the hair tightly across the scalp can even cause breakage. So it’s a look that will take a while to create; may damage your hair and can be very unflattering. This is one to leave!!

—Cameron Rose


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