Beauty Alert: Slim Down in 2017

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We’re all looking to tone up and slim down after eating a little too much turkey and Christmas ham (not to mention the dozen or so Christmas cookies at work!)  While there’s really no substitution for a healthy diet and exercise, Fashion Reverie has found the best ways to give your weight loss resolutions a little push in the right direction!   So banish the cellulite, firm that booty and wave goodbye to bat wings.  These small changes might be all you need to inspire you to reach your goals!

Now, if you’re happy with your body as is, more power to you!! Fashion Reverie thinks you’re beautiful just the way you are!  Really!  However, if you feel a little less cellulite and firmer skin would bring an extra dose of self-confidence, read on.

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Smooth your Bum Bum

Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream promises to tighten and moisturize your entire body including your bottom.  Brazilians are known for their ultra tiny bikinis and fabulous derrières, so anything they use Fashion Reverie thinks is worth trying!

Made with their special ingredient, guaraná, a native Amazonian plant and one of the most potent sources of caffeine in the world, in addition to cupuaçu butter to lock in moisture and restore elasticity, acai to keep skin looking young and coconut oil to soften and condition. Fashion Reverie has high hopes for this product.

The Fashion Reverie beauty squad applied the cream before heading to bed and was pleasantly surprised to wake up to better, more supple looking skin.  Some of our team even observed a slight diminishing of cellulite.  After a few uses the team’s fascination with the thick Brazilian cream grew.

From the sweet smell of pistachio caramelo to the subtle shimmer, you’ll find yourself adoring this product from the moment you apply it to your skin.

Image courtesy of Murad

Image courtesy of Murad

Build Youth Back into your Skin

Murad’s Youth Builder Duo promises younger and firmer skin with it’s Firming Peptide Body Treatment designed to hydrate and increase firmness as well as the Collagen Support Body Cream, which is said to increase the appearance of youthful skin with intense hydration.

The Firming Peptide treatment melts on the skin as a light oil.  Within a few uses, Fashion Reverie’s beauty squad saw a slight difference as the product helped tone up the skin.  The Collagen cream felt super luxurious as your body is bathed in rich shea butter and jojoba extract.

Regardless of your age or skin type, this duo is a knockout punch!  It will leave your skin soft and firm all at the same time!

Image courtesy of The Haven Spa

Image courtesy of The Haven Spa

Try an Hourglass Treatment

The Haven Spa located in New York City performs hourglass treatments aimed at slimming, firming, toning and detoxifying the body.  Using plant extracts, caffeine, essential oils and algae extract as well as hot and ice cold thermal agents to help improve the appearance of cellulite, varicose veins, stretch marks, “orange peel” skin and also help burn fat.  They claim most people lose 1 to 4 centimeters around their waist and thighs.

Our beauty squad tried out the treatment and we have to say it was nothing like we expected.  The 90-minute treatment starts off by having you strip down while a therapist applies extract lotions all over your body.  Once you/ve lathered up, you’re wrapped in cellophane and get to rest in a nice little blanket cocoon.  Next comes the hard part!! A thin layer of a cooling agent (more like a frigid cold cream) is applied all over you to help stimulate your fat cells, so cold in fact that it may make your teeth chatter.

If you’re anything like the Fashion Reverie beauty squad, you’re probably lying there shaking and dreaming of a hot shower.  Unfortunately, our therapist tells us to keep it on all night so it has time to work.  After freezing on a table and remaining relatively cold all night we woke up excited to see the results.

After 24 hours, we did notice a 1.5 inch difference around our midsection.  Sadly it didn’t help much on other parts of our body or with cellulite and other trouble areas.  The treatment did however help with spots and stretch marks.

We’re told you really need 5 to 7 treatments to see a noticeable difference.  Would we try it again?  Perhaps, but only on the hottest day in July!!

All the above tips and tricks are there to help you feel confident and be the very best version of yourself!  Please note that results vary among individuals and our findings might not be the same for you.

—Janine Silver


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