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Genevieve_LaurentThe accessories market is oversaturated. There is no argument there. Yet, every season innovators and designers attempt to make their mark in the accessories market, jumping in headfirst, taking all the required risks.

Being risks adverse is what’s necessary for any brave soul in the fashion market. The fashion industry has always been an industry that compiles a lot of risk. What is trending today has no industry relevance a few months later. Still, the mercurial natural of the industry does not deter some very passionate folks.

And passion and craftsmanship is what Laurent & Altieri is all about. Launched in 2016, Laurent & Altieri designs bags that transition effortlessly from day to night, season to season, uptown to downtown.  It’s the perfect mix of sophistication, fun and function for the chic city woman.  Every piece makes a statement that reflects a unique personality.

Interestingly enough, co-owner Genevieve Laurent comes from the pharmaceutical world, a very dissimilar bedfellow when it comes to accessory design. “I’ve always had a passion for fashion and initially my mission was to design bags that could transport animals. One thing led to another and I met artisans in Florence and they convinced me that I should make handbags as accessories for humans and if I found a market for my designs, I could add bag transports for animals,” explained Genevieve Laurent.

Laurent & Altieri’s handbags follow the artisan tradition of Tuscany. “The leather from Tuscany is cowhide leather that is certified by authorities in the Tuscany region. They have to go through a unique tanning process that is endemic to the Tuscany region. The tanning and pasteurized process makes the leather unique to Tuscany and widely desired by leather brands around the world. The texture and smell of the leather is unique to the region and sets it apart from leather from other parts of the world,” details Laurent.

Still, Laurent & Altieri handbags go beyond craftsmanship and tradition. Using mostly sauvage leather, which is the leather developed from the softest part of the cowhide, Laurent & Altieri have the fingers on the pulse of the modern urban consumer is looking for. Handbags that express their personal style, can transition from day to night, and are utilitarian in scope. And Laurent & Altieri bags are organic sound, only using vegetable dye to tan and dye the leather instead of chemicals that are bad for the environment.

Images courtesy of Laurent & Altieri

Images courtesy of Laurent & Altieri

Named after famous Florentine women—Catherine de Medici (La Catherine), the Mona Lisa (La Gioconda)—leather products range from handbags to totes to laptop and tablet covers to small handbags. And the price points will not empty your pockets.

That said; the most outstanding feature of these handbags is that their style goes beyond changing trends and the quality and durability combined with affordable price points makes Laurent & Altieri handbags a great find. Just imagine all this quality and style from an actor and pharmaceutical writer. Who would’ve thought!!

For more information, go to laurentaltieri.com.

—William S. Gooch


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