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 Yandy_Spring_2017For years the clothes displayed during New York Fashion Week: The Shows (NYFWS) weren’t available for purchase until months later. Designers are starting to change that to take advantage of the publicity from fashion week, livestreaming and to thwart knock off retailers like H & M. (The “See Now, Buy Now” business model.)

New York is a town that lives for Halloween with the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade and Bettlejuice themed bars. At Pier 59 in Chelsea, the enormously successful online retailer Yandy.com, the company that gave us the pizza rat costume last autumn, held NYFW’s very first Halloween-themed costume fashion show.

Collages938The small touches were extremely fun and creative. The gift bags were plastic pumpkin buckets filled with candy, cat printed tights and an elegant embroidered Venetian mask. (If only as much thought had been put into the clothes on the runway.)

One of the first looks was “Sexy Socialite” featuring a mask resembling snapchat filters. Cute, but the interpretation was so literal, “Millennials” will be confused by it and maybe offended. The emoji costumes were little more than an image on a leotard that looked uncomfortably tight.

Collages939Nearly every costume that strutted was dubbed with the moniker “Sexy.”Sexy Flapper, Sexy Mermaid, Sexy Pizza (that last one is real). Some of the costumes were indeed very sexy, but so many just seemed to be bras, panties, thigh high stockings, and animal’s ears. Even more disturbing was that the most of the costumes looked cheap. Like something you’d buy at a drugstore. Can you say, Ricky’s!!

Collages940But some of the more topical references highlighted the problems with presenting this collection almost two months before Halloween. Sexy Deadpool costume, does anyone remember that movie? It was released in February 2016. Still, some references are timely—sexy Hilary Clinton in her pants suit, minus the pants, and Donna T Rumpshaker. In a fun moment during the final walk, Donna T was literally running circles around Hillary, who was calmly waving to the crowd.

Images courtesy of thefashionlist.com

Images courtesy of thefashionlist.com

There were some beautiful, expensive looking costumes. The elegant Egyptian Goddess gown trimmed in gold was sexy without being too revealing. The sexy butterfly outfit was breathtaking. Though it consisted of little more than a black bra and panty set with a mesh overlay, the butterfly cape was so beautiful that it made the whole concept work. If you want sophisticated and timely, the sexy Ali Hamilton costume is perfect to show your love for the Broadway smash “Hamiliton.” I suggest you get it now, as it’s sure to be very popular.

-—Cameron Grey Rose


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