NYFW Spring 2017 Beauty Trend: Undone Waves and Slept-in Makeup


Erin Fetherton Spring 2017 images courtesy of Seventh House PR

Erin Fetherton Spring 2017 images courtesy of Seventh House PR

The perfectly done look is well … done.  The new trend is tough, a bit messy and the perfect faux “I just woke up like this” (after-falling-asleep-in-my-makeup) look.

At Erin Fetherson, Joseph DiMaggio, Master Session Ambassador for Davines North America, wanted to give the hair the same “lightness and ease,” which is synonymous with her creations.  “I gave the girls undone waves, echoing the effortlessness of a second or this day blowout,” DiMaggio explains.  “I also want to play to each girl’s different hair textures, and the final result was a bit disheveled, but still cool girl chic.”  DiMaggio recommends Davines More Inside This Is A Dry Texturizer to help achieve natural messy looking waves.

Rebecca Minskoff spring 2017 images courtesy of essie.com, maybelline.com, and teenvogue.com

Rebecca Minskoff spring 2017 images courtesy of essie.com, maybelline.com, and teenvogue.com

Rebecca Minkoff mastered the city-girl cool style, literally turning the city street into her runway! To echo her style, TRESemmé created the perfect beachy but slept-on waves.  Lead by Jeanie Syfu, these textured waves were perfectly chic and very on trend!  The makeup echoed the same feel that was designed by lead artist Gato and fashion and beauty influencer, Amanda Steele for Maybelline.  The look is designed to be a bit messy and is perfect of the girl who jumps out of bed and runs straight out the door!

Start by applying Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation (which will be launching next January!) lightly all over the skin like Syfu did backstage.  Next, Master Strobe Illuminating Face Stick in Golden should be applied lightly over the tops of the cheekbones and all the way up to the temples.  The real focus, however, is the eyes that were created by smudging black eyeliner onto the lids. Top that off with Expert Wear Mono Eye Shadow in Khaki Camo and a few coats of Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

Zero+Maria Cornejo images courtesy of PHYTO

Zero+Maria Cornejo images courtesy of PHYTO

“The soul and sensuality of the South” was brought forward in the beauty look at Zero + Maria Cornejo, proving undone waves transcend further south, well beyond the down-town-cool New York style.  Backstage, stylists created frizzy waves with a middle part to complement the designers’ collection.  To get the look, “S” shaped waves were made with both a 1″ and a 1 1/4″ curling iron.  Next waves were broken up and given that “messy” texture with a bit of PHYTO Professional Fiber Paste.  Lastly hair was twisted into four sections and allowed to sit before being let down and sprayed into place with PHYTO Professional Phytolaque Soi Light Hold Hairspray.

Zac Posen spring 2017 backstage images courtesy of Moroccanoil

Zac Posen spring 2017 backstage images courtesy of Moroccanoil

The best part is all these different versions of slept-on waves and smudged lined eyes are that they are very wearable and easy to recreate!  So sleep in your makeup after a night of partying … or just look like you did!

—Janine Silver


  1. Love these natural looking pics instead of the ‘perfectly photoshopped’ I normally see!

  2. Thankfully my hair is naturally wavy. I already fit this trend…yay! Thanks for the post!

  3. As a new mama, I’m so into this trend. Messy hair and yesterday’s makeup. Yes!

  4. Cool Stuff! Sharing this post with my wife to see what she thinks 🙂

  5. You know your stuff. Keep it up.

  6. Love this post. The models look so natural!

  7. Sharing this with my wife

  8. Wow, I’m obsessed with that messy hair look. So cute!

  9. “Cool girl chic”…and here I just thought I was lazy! This is a trend I can get down with. Thank you for sharing and making me feel like a super model (maybe track pants and hoodies will become popular next…and then I can say I’m a trend setter!).

  10. Love the messy hair and makeup look.

  11. Loving this trend! Seems so much more natural and easy rather than fake and hard to achieve.

  12. I love the slept on waves look! But my hair never works well with it, it’s so gorgeous.

  13. Thanks for sharing this. I will be attending NYFW in the fall and I am so excited

  14. Ophelia Tang says

    I love these pictures and the make up. I love your detail post. Thanks for sharing.
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