Spring 2017 Trend Report: Spiritual Awakenings


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The spring 2017 runway season is upon us and as such, the fashion world is abuzz with talk about cultural themes and motifs that will emerge as ubiquitous for the season ahead. Trends for spring 2017 have one thing in common— they all seem to borrow from a spiritual ethos—and still they could not be more diametrically opposed.

The first trend to be on the lookout for are Zen-inspired designs that are notable for their unfussy simplicity. Characterized by clean lines and edges and with particular stress on structure, this neo-modernist trend is expected to be rendered in layered looks and monochromatic earthy hues such as browns, subtle pink, and blues that conjure nautical allusions. Fashion forecasting firm, Fashion Snoops, calls an aspect to this trend “Raw Coast” and describes it as a “minimalism rooted in environmental and coastal classics.” This aesthetic stresses purity and utility and as such, silhouettes are oversized and tones are mellow.


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On the opposite end of the spectrum is the trend “inspired by the spirit of freedom that comes from an intense love affair with your surroundings,” says Fashion Snoops. Rich and lush locales stimulate heavily ornamented looks made from complex prints, jacquards, and heavy tapestry. With the thawing of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba, expect Havana to play a colorful role in this kaleidoscopic trend rife with off-the-shoulder styles and macramé fabrics, and ablaze in hot, tropical colors such as sunny orange and canary yellow. “As Cuba opens its doors to the world, its storied culture and exotic mysteries become an important design inspiration, placing focus on the intrepid spirit of a modern man and woman who crave the romance of the island’s brightly colored buildings and tropical beaches,” says Snoops. (For New York Fashion Week: Men’s spring 2017 Nick Graham and Carlos Campos referenced Cuba in their spring 2017 collections.)

Image courtesy of weconnectfashions.com

Image courtesy of weconnectfashions.com

Skirts will be voluminous, flared, and floral-inspired. Midriffs will be bared to the light of day as crop tops continue to take center stage and caftan-style dresses will be featured prominently as well, predicts global trend forecaster, WGSN, who have nicknamed this sartorial movement in which flowy fabrics, bucket bags and gladiator sandals reign supreme, “La Isla.”’ Fashion Snoops calls this variegated trend ‘Arise, ”stating that the theme “encourages us to be present, mindful and in harmony with today’s multicultural world.”

The final trend to be on the lookout for is what Fashion Snoops has called “Juxtapoze.” Here again, global travel references play a role. This time; however, there exists an eclectic mish-moshing of styles and ideas to yield unique layered looks culled from a variety of dissimilar sources. With this trend, stand out pieces form the focal skeleton around which experimental looks are constructed. The theme will give rise to textural contrasts on the runway as intricate laces are, for instance, paired with diaphanous silks or weighty jacquards pitted against crocheted material. From the Middle East to Japan to Russia, wanderlust kindles this trend with a diverse well from which stimulus is drawn and combined.

Image courtesy of casamastudios.com

Image courtesy of casamastudios.com

Ostensibly, there will be a little bit for everyone next season. From the understated brilliance of Zen, to the outspoken allure of tropical stylings and the space in between where juxtaposition occurs, spring 2017 trends promise to be thoughtful and to inspire reconnection with the self and the environment.

—Natasha Nyanin




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