Editor’s Pick: ICU Olympic Eyewear

Sadly, the 2012 Summer London Olympics is almost complete. Who will forget Gabby Douglas winning back-to-back gold medals in the women’s gymnastics team and individual all-around final. Michael Phelps proving naysayers wrong that, still shining like gold in his fourth Olympics.  Usain Bolt ranking as the best sprinter of all times with gold in the 100 and 200 meter race in consecutive Olympics. And the list of London 2012 Olympic shining moments goes on and on.

Memories of London 2012 will bring smiles and stimulate conversation.  And you can now keep the USA Olympic spirit alive with affordable shades from ICU Eyewear. The brainchild of Patricia Kesten who was driven by her desire for affordable, fashionable reading glasses, ICU Eyewear has been in the forefront of reading glass fashion.

ICU Eyewear’s Crystal Eye Cat

“Reading glasses are so much more than a necessity, they have become a great accessory, the ultimate finishing touch to any outfit,” Kesten says of her fashionable eyewear.  “I travel extensively and am constantly inspired to update colors, styles and shapes, refreshing at least 40% of the line every year.  Just like any other accessory, it is critical that we continue to appeal to our customers as trends evolve,” she added.

ICU Eyewear’s Classic Bifocal Sun Reader

ICU Eyewear captures the USA Olympic spirit in red, white and blue patriotic colors. From ICU Eyewear’s Eco-friendly Classic Bright Temple in blue to Classic Bifocal Sun Reader in red to Crystal Eye Cat in white, ICU Eyewear will keep those Olympic fresh and fashion forward.

All eyewear is under $30. For information, go to ICUEyewear.com.

—William S. Gooch

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