Fashion Reverie’s Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Are you scratching your head because the man or men in your life have everything? With Father’s Day just around the corner, the ‘man who has everything’ conundrum is a common challenge for most consumers.

Put your fretting aside, Fashion Reverie has come with some unique last-minute gifts for the man who has everything. And the good news, these gifts won’t break your bank!! Men are easier to please then you think.

Thirty-five is not only the new 50 for women, the modern man also doesn’t look his actual age. The days of dads looking like Ozzie Nelson and Vincent Van Patten from “Eight Is Enough” is not the standard look of the modern father. Men are paying a lot more attention to their physicality and looks then they did twenty years ago.

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That said; who says dads don’t want nice skin too? Ecco Bella‘s Skin Care Line is perfect for sensitive skin, especially for dad’s who shave their face! It’s one of the only products on the market enriched with VitaminCells. It’s an organic skin care line that has anti-aging benefits!

Speaking of shaving, most dads go through the daily ritual of keeping their faces squeaky clean and smooth, especially if they happen to work in an office. Razor burn and dry skin is a big challenge for shavers every day. And who wants to kiss a face that is not smooth and scratchy.


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Pacific Shaving Company, a leading manufacturer of innovative shaving essentials that use safe, natural, and eco-friendly ingredients, offers a breakthrough product—the first line of Caffeinated Shaving Cream and Aftershave. Women have been using caffeinated skin products for sometime in everything from eye creams, cleansers and anti-aging product. Well, the guys have finally caught up with Pacific Shaving Company’s Caffeinated Shaving Cream and Aftershave.

“When topically applied, the benefits of caffeine can take effect quickly. With 50 milligrams of naturally-derived caffeine (an espresso contains approximately 60 milligrams), Pacific Shaving Company’s new products may not replace your morning coffee routine, but they will help get you going in the morning—while providing an exceptional shaving experience,” explains Stan Ades, founder of Pacific Shaving Company. The products retail for $7.99 each or $15.99 for the set and are available at nationwide retailers including Target and Rite Aid.

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We know that men like their outerwear to look good, but they also like the under garments to have a certain about of style and panache as well. Look no further, Lacoste has a great underwear designs that are perfect for you guy for Father’s Day.

The well-known sportswear brand has a two-pack of briefs in bold green, red, and blue in solids or latticed that will look great on your guy. And an extra bonus, Lacoste is having a 50% off in-store and online sale. Hurry before supplies run out!!

Image courtesy of Chic Style Exec PR

Image courtesy of Chic Style Exec PR

Looking for the perfect accessory for dad to take along to the beach this summer? Look no further! The CoolBag LLC was founded in 2013 out of a need for a secure recreational bag, with the support from an array of professionals. Fabulous for those on the go, CoolBag is like no other with its heavy-duty locking system and sleek look. CoolBag allows the fun to happen so customers can relax and “Stay Cool in Life”™.

The patented CoolBag keeps valuables safe with its heavy-duty locking handle and combination zipper. The 100% cotton canvas with PVC backing allows users to lock up their valuables—even to lounge chairs to keep them secure if you decide to step away for a dip in the pool!

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Though your guy probably has a great timepiece, he probably would love a great watch that matches his lifestyle, especially he is active and always on the go. Durability and boldness combined with style are the main components that he is looking for. If that is the case, G-Shock has a variety of watch styles for your guy!! And if you live in the New York metropolitan area, G-Shock has a store in Soho!!

For Father’s Day, Fashion Reverie has selected the G-Shock’s Metallic Dial Color Add Series, a three-piece analog/digital watch collection that offers a bold look in variations of black accented with silver, gold and rose gold. The super-tough G-SHOCK series comes with a large rotary crown switch for intuitive operation. All three timepieces are designed to create a stylish, resilient fashion accessory. The black GA400GB-1A has silver accents, the GA400GB-1A9 is accented in gold, and the GA400GB-1A4 features rose gold accents. The accents offer a splash of jewel tones to the case, band, and face, for a traditional design in a non-traditional watch.

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