French Beauty Tips from Cannes 2016 Red Carpet

Images courtesy of Getty Images,, and, respectively

Images courtesy of Getty Images,, and, respectively

For a week and a half the small seaside town of Cannes is overrun with celebrities, paparazzi and gigantic yachts! The Cannes Film Festival has developed into not just a huge event for movie lovers, but also one of the biggest fashion events of the year! How do these celebrities and luminaries from around the world put together their great red carpet looks?  Well, when in France take a cue from the French!!

Images courtesy of NARS

Images courtesy of NARS

For a glowing complexion like Rachel McAdams, Kirsten Dunst, and Julia Saner, it’s important to start with a good diet. In France women understand that properly nourished skin is the basis for everything.  To really give your face a “radiating from within” boost, makeup artist Kayleen McAdam (who also happens to be Rachel’s sister!) began with NARS’ Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer to help even out the skin.  Next apply a gentle application of NARS’ Sheer Glow Foundation.

To really achieve the desired French-girl affect for Julia Saner, she applies both NARS’ Copacabana Illuminator and NARS’ Sex Appeal Blush to bring out a flush of rose.  And to get Kirsten’Dunst’s radiant hue, Dior Celebrity Makeup Artist Sabrina Bedrani, simply used a few strokes of Dior Rosy Glow for that perfect healthy French feel.

Images courtesy of NARS

Images courtesy of NARS

“I am always inspired to do a metallic sheen when the weather is so humid and warm and skin is already moist and glowing. For this look­—at the premiere of “Restless”—I replicated the metallic tones in [Rachel McAdams’] bustier and bracelets using antique taupe and silver tones on the eye,” says Kayleen.

Kayleen applied NARS’ Indian Summer Duo Eyeshadow for the perfect touch of shimmer for red carpet appearance.  Not only does the metallic hue work well with dewy skin, the metallic hue helps give Rachel a little something extra, a “je ne sais quoi,” if you will.


Images courtesy of and Dior

Images courtesy of and Dior

The most iconic French beauty looks tend to also be the easiest to achieve, a smudge of charcoal or dark brown eyeliner and perfectly un-perfect red lip, could be found often at Cannes! For the perfect red lip, try Dior’s Diorific Mat Lipstick in Dolce Vita (a bright bluish red which Kirsten Dunst wore to the Vanity Fair & HBO Cannes Dinner) or NARS’ Lip Pencil in Timanfaya (a mandarin red). To keep your lipstick lasting all night, Dior makeup artists recommend defining and contouring the lips with Dior Contour in the same shade.

Adriana Lima and images courtesy of and PHYTO, respectively

Adriana Lima and Carolina Parsons images courtesy of and PHYTO, respectively

A carefree ponytail is another great way to beat the heat and still look good for your red carpet close up! Somehow the perfect tied back look adds a touch of carefree elegance when given a Cannes upgrade.  Carolina Parsons’ effortless ‘do created by PHYTO Global Artistic Director, Anthony Cristiano is loose on top of the head and gathers at the nape of the neck.  A few wispy pieces escape adding texture and interest for the perfect summertime style!  To enhance Adriana Lima’s plunging neckline on her white and black trimmed gown, Cristiano opted for a more severe ponytail.  With slicked back hair, Lima drew attention to her deep V-neck.

—Janine Silver


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