Editors’ Pick: Celebrate Summer with Polish Me Silly


Images courtesy of Illumination PR

Images courtesy of Illumination PR

Warm weather is finally here. Gone are the heavy coats, scarves and gloves; and if you are on the East Coast you are starting to see tank and crop tops, shorty shorts, sandals and more skin exposure overall.

With the arrival of warmer temperatures comes shinier and more colorful nail art. While some nail art brands promote polish that can run as high as $35 per bottle of nail polish, there are other less expensive brands that can give you the same effect of the pricier polishes.


Images courtesy of Emily Denise Photography

Polish Me Silly was borne out of a mother/daughter duo that was tired of boring nail manicures and wanted to create a brand that would appeal to that consumer that was not afraid to stand out in a crowd. Originally launched on etsy.com, within 24 hours, they were selling out of their polishes and quickly seeing a response from children, teens and women of all ages around the world.

Over the last five years, Polish Me Silly has grown to include over 130 unique designs that include specialty glitters, multi-chromes, holographic rainbows, flakey glitter, thermal-color changing and bright neon confetti and polka dot top coat polishes. All of the polishes are meant to last up to 2 weeks (or more depending on how many coats are applied). Polish Me Silly only creates unique and hard-to-find nail lacquers.

And with Polish Me Silly polishes, beginning at $6.00 plus sales tax; you cannot not go wrong. Don’t be afraid of color for the summer; flaunt your colorful nails. Be whimsical, be bold, be colorful, and be flashy. Polish Me Silly polishes can be found online as well as in various stores within the U.S.


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