Fashion News Alert: Courtney Love Collaborates with Nasty Gal, 2015’s Ten Wealthiest People in Fashion, and GQ Anoints Kanye

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For the second time in a row GQ magazine has named Kanye West as its ‘Most Stylish Man.’ Kanye beat out male supermodel Lucky Blue Smith for the title with over half a million votes gathered from a GQ poll.

“West had a dominant hand in defining how men wanted to look in 2015,” explained GQ. “Every piece West wears sparks a discussion on the current state of menswear.”

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Wealth rules

There are tens of thousands of clothing/beauty brands. Some are household names, others are known to fashion insiders and individual clients. However, in the very oversaturated fashion landscape some brands are amassing an incredible amount of wealth. Fashion Reverie looks behind these clothing/beauty brands and presents the wealthy folks behind these brands.

According to, for 2015, Zara founder Amancio Ortega is at the top of the list with a net worth of 74 billion dollars. In second, third, fifth, and sixth place are four members of the Wal-Mart clan—Christie, Alice, Jim, and S. Robert Walton—with a combined wealth of $160 billion. Sandwiched in between the Walton at number four is Liliane Bettancourt, founder of L’Oreal, with an estimated wealth of 39.2 billion dollars.

In seventh place with is estimated wealth of $35 billion is LVMH CEO and Chairman Bernard Arnault. Next in line is H&M founder Stefan Persson who has a 28% stake in the company and is chairman. In ninth place is Nike founder Phil Knight, with an estimated worth 27.1 billion dollars. And bring up the rear in tenth place is Leonardo Del Vecchio of the Luxottica company with wealth in the $20.4 billion dollar range.  Luxottica is largest producer and retailer of sunglasses and prescription glasses, and also owns Sunglass Hut, LensCrafters, Ray-Ban and Oakley.

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Courtney x Nasty Gal

In the early and mid-90s Courtney Love epitomized grunge and irreverent style. Though her grunge days are long behind, Love still knows how to shine on the red carpet. And her love of fashion will be evident in her fashion collaboration with Nasty Gal!!

The popular online retailer recently announced on its Instagram account that Courtney Love will collaborate on a vintage-inspired collection to be available to consumers in early 2016. The launch party for the new collaboration will be on January 13.

Now, Courtney no boob or below the belt exposure at the party!! We only wish!!

—William S. Gooch

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