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Do you have a Holiday party coming up and you are stressing that your skin is just not as you would like? (Remember, selfies and youtube holiday party videos are all the rage now.) Or maybe having great skin is a part of your New Year’s resolution list.

With those parties just around the corner, you can still look bright eyed and bushy tailed just in time for those holiday selfies. Palmetto Derma makes getting that youthful glow easy with their Daily Cleanser and Rose Toner.

Palmetto_01Palmetto Derma is a new organic, toxin-free, skin care line aimed at preventing problems this New Year and for years to come. Start using these products now instead of dealing with sagging, wrinkles, sunspots and other aging issues later on in life. It’s far more important to invest on prevention so you can get glowing for a lifetime.

“Both in the morning and at night, you can cleanse your skin to remove pesky pore-cloggers—dirt, grime, make-up, etc.—and clean and brighten your skin!  Adding a toner to your daily routine, after cleansing, will hydrate and protect against drying elements. Toner balances your complexion and brings a natural glow to your skin. With our Get Glowing! Rose Refreshing Toner, you can also use it as a mid-day refresh. Gently spritz to revitalize your skin mid-day, after a work-out, or before a night on the town,” details Palmetto Derma founder, Austin Peterson.

Palmetto_02Palmetto Derma’s Daily Cleanser get rid of all the dirt, dead skin and also cleans your pours. The Daily Cleanser is filled with botanicals, polysaccharides, vitamins and nutrients—lavender water, orange peel tincture, and tea tree oil—that enrich the skin, giving you that youthful glow. Perfect for that holiday party!!

For an on-the-go glow, Rose Toner hydrates and keeps your skin from drying. This refreshing toner is best for use after cleansing or for an instant boost and revitalization of your face. You can spritz toner on your face throughout the day for glowing results. Ingredients include: Rose Water and Aloe to refresh restore and replenish.

And great skin doesn’t have do end with the holidays. Palmetto Derma has a range of products that give you that healthy, youthful glow for the entire year.


The Collagen Booster & Restoration Serum super serum keeps your skin safe from all those elements your skin endures on a daily basis. We’re talking sun, smoke, smog and other ugly skin damagers! These free radicals will try to infiltrate your skin and diminish collagen, but don’t worry. The Vitamin C in this serum promotes collagen growth, filling in fine lines, minimizing wrinkles and fighting to make sure they don’t come back!


Images courtesy of Palmetto Derma

Images courtesy of Palmetto Derma

The Rejuvenating Antioxidant Mask puts your skin on the fast track to soft, smooth and glowing! The soft clay of the mask gently purifies skin, by absorbing impurities and cleaning pores and skin. The advanced antioxidants defend against free radicals and reverse daily skin damage.

Don’t let a bad complexion and sagging skin give you the holiday blues, you can change all that with Palmetto Derma!! For price points and more information, go to


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