Beauty Tip: Unwind for Spring 2015 with Hair Care Home Remedies and Online Bingo

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The sun, wind, and stress can damage your hair, right? With temperatures warming, hats and scarves coming off and layers of clothing peeling, who would want to reveal damaged tresses? There is way to get vibrant, healthy hair without breaking the bank. In fact, you can get great looking hair that matches that springtime freshness using easy, affordable home remedies. Talk about saving money!!

First, let’s get you in the mood!!


Hot and spicy tea: To get you in the mood for these home remedies, brew some hot and spicy tea. This will revitalize your body and refresh you from within, giving you serenity and focus.


Scented candles: Light some lavender, rose, lemongrass or citrus candles as they can calm the nerves and reduce stress. You may try other aromatic scents like sandalwood, mint, jasmine, and rosemary, and see which works best for you, and suits your body. It is better to try new scents and keep experimenting!!


Massage you hair: Massage your hair with hot oil and apply it thoroughly so that the hair and scalp moistens from within. You can use avocado, olive, coconut, castor; any oil which suits your hair type. Apply it and leave at least for 3 to 5 hours. While you are waiting for the massage and hot oil treatment to take effect play online bingo games on sites like New Look Bingo. This site has an amazing collection of games that includes bingo, tourney, slots, scratch cards, etc. Moreover, the site also has a presence on mobile devices; so you can play anytime, anywhere.

Use the right conditioner and shampoo: Use light shampoos as they have less PH and chemicals and it will reduce your hair damage and dandruff. Use conditioners that have essential nutrients such as Vitamin C and A, Biotin (B7), Iron, Zinc, and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Good conditioners and shampoos will leave your hair smoother, thicker, and shinier. With the tips of your fingers, massage your scalp, this not only nourishes your tresses but also get your stress level down by relaxing you.

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Try out these simple home remedies for hair care and repair. You can relax, distress while playing online bingo and you are treating and conditioning your hair.

If you happen to be one of the lucky shoppers that purchased the new Lily Pulitzer spring 2015 collection online, you will want shiny, bouncy healthy hair to go with your Lily Pulitzer spring print dress and accessories. Don’t forget; don’t just put a spring in your step, put some bounce in your hair!!



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