Inbal Dror Bridal Fall 2015

Inbral_Dror_Fall_2015After several seasons of covering New York International Bridal Week, most editors believe they have seen it all with very surprises each season. There may be some surprises with injections of color into collections that rely on mostly neutrals—white and its many variations. And there may be a few shockers when it comes to silhouette. But for the most part it is the usual ball gown, fit-to-flare, mermaid silhouettes with occasional sheath or column silhouettes.

Then again, there is Inbal Dror. Israel-based Inbral Dror this season brought something to New York International Bridal Week that was much needed; bridal gowns that could easily double as couture runway garments. Granted all of her looks played off of a neutral white palette, but the construction, detailing and styling was solidly in the realm of what one would see at Paris couture show.

Inbral_Dror_Fall_20152Dror has prided herself in the past for using vintage lace fabrications and this outing was no exception. What did stand out in this collection was Dror’s elevation of her collection from pieces that relied on a vintage perspective to the combination of pristine construction and vintage seen through a regal, modern lens. And having her runway show in the cathedral-like atmosphere of the Highline Hotel fashion venue only added to majesty of Dror’s fall 2015 collection.

Inbral_Dror_Fall_20151Dror does have a penchant for low-dipped, V-neck sheath gowns that gather in the back around the buttocks. And as wonderful as this aesthetic is, this fitted look works best on tall, lithe brides-to-be. Curvy girls beware!! However, the beauty and opulence of Dror’s fall 2015 collection was awe-inspiring, fantasy dreamscape.

Images courtesy of Presley Ann Slack

Images courtesy of Presley Ann Slack

There are some spectacular standouts in this collection—and there were many out of the extensive 35 looks. But, to narrow down a few were Dror’s shoulder strap dress with handmade embroidery of small stones, sequins and a belt with pearls and Swarovski crystals, fitted sequin dress adorned with delicate embroidery, deep V-neck sleeveless dress with De Calais lace and detachable tulle revealing a knee-high dress, and vintage off-the-shoulder solstice lace tulle dress, hand embroidered with leather pieces, silk thread crochet, pearls and Swarovski crystals.

—William S. Gooch

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