Au Revoir Joan Rivers!!

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A few weeks have past since we lost one of the biggest icons of show business, Joan Rivers. Some loved her, some found her jokes crass, but in the latter part of her career, Rivers did influence the worlds of fashion and red carpet glamour.

“Who are you wearing” is the question that is now asked on every red carpet and when Rivers came up with it, at the time did seems as an odd thing to ask. But as always, Joan was a head of the times.

She was a comic, actress, fashionista, entrepreneur, animal lover and one of the hardest working people in Hollywood.  As we found out from her documentary, “Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work,“ her biggest fear was to have an empty appointment planner.  It is great to know that she was fully booked with many fans waiting to see her perform or to see another episode of “Fashion Police” until the end.

Known for her sharp tongue and dirty jokes, Fashion Reverie would like to remember her unique style and some of her most memorable outfits.


Her Upper East Side style had edginess. She was attacked about wearing fur many times but hey, the lady liked it and she wore it well.  Whether it was blood red or a neutral color, she kept warm with at least one, sometimes two of her fur pieces. Not P.E.T.A’s favorite, Rivers was some fur designers’ favorite model.


Joan was best known for her necklaces. She had her own line of jewelry on QVC since 1990.  She was a master of accessorizing which she proved many times.


Ladies of a certain age should dress a certain way.  One thing we can say for sure is that Joan never over-exposed herself, and if you did Joan would call you out. She knew how to pick the right jacket in style and silhouette!



Joan understood flower power. It is one of her signature red carpet looks. The whole point is to place it and match it well. Fashion Reverie is all for it.



She ruffled a few feathers but she wore them well, too. If anyone can pull off feather look without looking like a go-go bar dancer, it was dear Joannie.

One of our favorite girls will always make us smile. Fashion Reverie is sad to see her go; we don’t think she was quite done, yet. Still, Joan Rivers found that perfect balance between fashion and humor. We couldn’t ask for anything better!!

—Tijana Ibrahimovic

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