DARKOH Spring 2015

Collages438Joyce Darkoh is one of the few female designers that specialize in menswear. A graduate of Germany’s prestigious Modeschule Schloss Eller, Joyce has spent over a decade refining her skills in men’s made-to-order suiting.  In response to the high demand of in-between sizes and body shapes—which require made-to-measure services—and the request for instant product availability; Joyce launched her eponymous ready-to-wear line, DARKOH, in 2013.

Collages437The brand is anchored by its use of high quality worsted wool from renowned English and Italian mills. However, for spring/summer 2015, Joyce presented suits made of modern fabrics such as denim, light cotton, and multi-color tweed. Her color palette for spring 2015 also took a divergent trail; while previous collections had been dominated by darker, earthy and industrial hues, this time she opted for pale pinks, vibrant blues, crisp whites, and chocolate browns.

Aside from an eye-catching color selection, Joyce gives her customer an array of options for the cut and fit of his chosen garments. There were the ever-trendy, slim cut, single-breasted suits as well as classic American double-breasted options that, while more full-bodies, also maintained a slimming silhouette. For the more casual gentleman looking for nonsuit selections, there were woven tops and a multicolor silk tweed overcoat. However, the truly eye catching standouts were the washed indigo double breasted suit, the pink and tan woven suit, and the dark blue/white dotted tuxedo.

Images courtesy of Omen PR/Dennis Madigan Photography

Images courtesy of Omen PR/Dennis Madigan Photography

The entire collection was stunning, from start to finish, including the amazing accessories by Hayes Hamilton. With a penchant for creating custom suits for men of all shapes and styles, DARKOH is a sure hit for any man, whether he’s a linebacker or desk jockey.

—Carl Ayers

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