Ricardo Seco Spring 2015

Collages434Ricardo Seco seeks to firmly put Mexico on the fashion map with his current collection for spring 2015, entitled “DREAMS.” Staying true to his Mexican origins, Seco was inspired by the Wixárika tribe and incorporated the beading and multi-colored details of the native community into this collection. Juxtaposed to simple pieces and classic silhouettes, the tribal fruit-colored designs were also seen in the accessories, such as belts, necklaces, skateboards—that look too cool to ride—and custom New Balance sneakers. Not new to creative collaborations, Seco has also partnered with Converse, Casa Cuervo, and Disney in the past.

“My collection DREAMS is a collaboration with the Wixárika, an indigenous community from Mexico, who are known for their beading. As they create each beaded piece they put their dreams into their work. With these pieces and the World Trade Center venue I made a collection for future dreams and the next generation that will live and work here. This collection and its venue are standing for the generation of future dreamers to come,” states Seco.

Ricardo_Seco_Spring_2015Making his New York debut in 2012 as a menswear designer, this time around, Seco also showed his first women’s collection as an equal counterpart to his men’s collection. His women’s wear included skirts, bombers and jumpsuits that evoke global thoughts of chic Paris and laidback L.A., especially his leather dresses and tops.  His men’s pieces included shorts, pants, and shirts that translate from rocker to skateboarder, particularly his jackets. Wanting to impart an appearance of truly global fashion, Seco combined Wixárika colors with urban neutrals of black, white, and grey in textures of suede, leather, cotton, neoprene, and silk.

Images courtesy of Ernest Green

Images courtesy of Ernest Green

This collection will easily sellable and will seamlessly blend into almost anyone’s current wardrobe.  Seco doesn’t offer anything too visually shocking, but every piece, whether for women or men, offers the simplicity of comfort without sacrificing style.

—Carl Ayers

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