Custo Barcelona Spring 2015

Collages407For spring/summer 2015 there is lots of sheer fabrics, bare skin and more bare skin. And no body does bare skin better than Custo Barcelona. Aptly named this SKIN collection emphasized the sensuality of the feminine silhouette, allowing the sexual, and sometimes sassy side of women to come out, front and center.

Custo Barcelona is a miasma orf bold color, fabric combinations, silhouettes and design aesthetic. And where the disparate points of view has left some consumers confused or nonplussed some seasons, for spring 2015 Custo’s crazy quilt of ideas was more cohesive and consumer friendly.

Custo_Barcelona_Spring_2015In this outing, Dalmau Custo channeled Giorgio Sant’Angelo with a nod to Rudi Gernreich. The geometric cutouts  and subtle transparencies in a range of textile—ultra light linens, flowy silks, and a variety of diaphanous fabrics—helped created depth, texture, and nuance.

The spring/summer 2014 collection made for the consumer who is in shape and not afraid to show some skin. Custo stays in trend this season with lots of cutouts, sheer fabrics and wide mix of fabrications. And though this collection had more a resort point view, projected toward exotic locales, there were some great separates that would work in a variety of spring/summer temperatures.

Collages409Though the reveals in this collection were provocative, they were not without taste or sophistication.  Still, the daring Custo Barcelona devotees would be more aligned with where the brand is going this season than most customers. That said; there were some separates and in particular the men’s look that would appeal to consumers who are not a part of the Custo shopping cabine.

Images courtesy of Bennet Cobliner

As always there were lots of bold color combinations in this collection. However, unlike previous outings, there were more neutral—black and white combinations—than usually found in a Custo Barcelona collection. Perhaps, this was one of the elements that made this collection more consumer-friendly. And the joy, sensuality and whimsical spirit of this outing added to the appeal that may capture a more diverse audience.

—Rosemary Ponzo


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