Nicholas K Spring 2015

Collages399Abandon the nomadic chic vibe? Nah. Nicholas K will never do that. Season after season the nomad chic/urban warrior projection and all of its variations are the core reference points for the brand.

The design duo of Christopher and Nicholas Kunz looked to North African female explores for inspiration for their spring 2015 collection. They focused mostly on Swiss explore Isabelle Eberhardt who at the turn-of-the-nineteenth century dressed as a man while exploring North Africa.

NicholasK_Spring_2015That said; the masculine/feminine paradigm is woven throughout the collection. But, then again, those mixes of hard and soft, masculine and feminine is always a core element for Nicholas K.  However, unlike previous collections there were no male models. The brand had the female models fully embody the masculine and feminine principals, eliminating the need for the male presence.

Christopher and Nicholas K always employ lots of layering and draping in their collections. Still, unlike previous incarnations, this season those elements were done with more sophistication and panache. Where in previous outing the layering and draping sometimes hid the feminine silhouette, this season the layering and draping enhanced the curves and added to the mystery of the female form. And the design duo helped forward the trend of khaki chinos for spring 2015.

Though this collection employed colors that would normally be thought of for a fall/winter collection, the easy fit and relaxed mode of the garments—consistent design element for Nicholas K—kept the collection solidly in temperate climates.

Images courtesy of Bennet Cobliner

Images courtesy of Bennet Cobliner

Standouts in the collection were the hooded, draped olive silk jumper, sheer white cargo pants with draped blouse and gold neckpiece, and black bomber jacket, grey draped top with grey rolled-up extended crouch pants.

—William S. Gooch

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