Sally Lapointe Spring 2015

Collages390What can be said of Sally Lapointe? Well, the one thing that can be said is that season after season; the brand never fails to deliver. Since Fashion Reverie has been covering Sally Lapointe, we have seen her evolve her aesthetic to include a range of perspective without loosing her core point of view.

From collections that have incorporated Lapointe’s futuristic mien to collections that displayed Lapointe’s penchant for dramatic statement pieces, season after season the brand continues to refine its aesthetic, crystalizing its creative point of view into pristine reflection of Lapointe’s seemingly endless reservoir of design talent and craftsmanship.

Collages389For spring 2015, Lapointe was back to the urban fashion warrior; a direct departure from her more elegant fashion dissertation on column silhouettes and coats with restrained volume. Never one to abandon a point of view that has sustained the brand; Lapointe juxtaposes masculine and feminine and the hard and soft like no other. And this collection is possibly her strongest mix of those disparate elements. Those elements are ideally expressed through Lapointe’s pairing of sheer diaphanous tops with skirts that had volume and structure.

Though this collection fostered a minimalist approach, there was lots of design in this spring outing.  Structured skirts contained back zipper details, simple shift-like tees, bandeau, and crop tops were ingeniously paired with asymmetrical structured skirts, ostrich-feathered tops were coupled with asymmetrical skirts, and cropped bomber jackets worked well with structured midi dresses and skirts.

Collages388And just when you thought this would be a dissertation on neutrals, Lapointe ingeniously injected rustic orange and salmon tone variations. If there was one misstep in this collection, it was the studded oversized belts that worked well on some looks but made other looks lose the lightness that permeated throughout the lineup.


Images courtesy of Ernest Green

Images courtesy of Ernest Green

Lapointe’s deceptive “less is more” allowed her in this collection to demonstrate the genius of her craft. And where others who follow this directive produce collections that fail to make a statement, with Sally Lapointe this point of view only highlights what many fashion pundits have know for some time.  Sally Lapointe rocks!!

—William S. Gooch


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