Gents Spring 2015

 Collages392Fisticuffs anyone? Whether you want to box or love the manly sport of Fisticuffs, Gents’ CEO Josh Reed looked to the macho sport for inspiration for the brands spring 2015 collection. Reed also infused the collection with Formula I race car references expressed in the clean lines and traditional racecar color palettes.

“Color plays a huge part for us this season and each tone has a meaning behind it. This season’s color ways represent positivity, masculine energy, and conveys strength and courage; it truly goes hand-in-hand with our inspiration,” details Reed.

Since Gents launched in 2012, Josh Reed has focused the lifestyle brand on a high quality product and a fashionable design aesthetic. This season, however, Reed is pushing Gents to embrace masculine motifs. “Whereas fall 2014 was focused on the brand’s expansion, spring 2015 is more thematic and hones in on the high quality product we’re known to make.” Explains Reed.

Images courtesy of Ernest Green

Images courtesy of Ernest Green

Gents’ color palette this season ranged from the warm tones of blue and red to transitional undertones of grey, navy, black, and white. And though the collection centered on active/athletic wear as daywear; perhaps, the very wearable garments needed some more interesting design elements. Retail value is important to any collection, particularly menswear line; still, fashionable male consumers are looking for garments that go beyond the tried and true. And to this respect, Gents fell a little flat.

—William S. Gooch


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